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Vol. 56, Issue 7 / March 19, 2023
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Senior Shaylee Castro spends as much time in the choir room as Mrs Schroeder
Senior Shaylee Castro Hits all the Right Notes
Mia Fiedler, Co Editor-In-Chief • March 19, 2024

Senior Shaylee Castro has her day filled with the sound of music. Five out of her seven school periods are in choir with Mrs. Schroeder.  “I’m in two freshman choirs as a member and a mentor. I sing about 4-5 hours a day...

The science courtyard windows exhibited decorations made by Barlow’s leadership team from March 4th-8th in honor of Classified School Employees Week.
Classified School Employees Week: It's the Law!
March 19, 2024

On April 24, 2023, the Oregon Senate approved House Bill 2708 which declares the first week of March, beginning in 2024, as Classified School...

Baby Tamu, whose name means “sweet” in Swahili was born December 4th, 2023, and has been attracting public attention to The Oregon Zoo ever since.
How To Make the Best Out of an Oregon Spring
March 19, 2024

Spring break is the ever-needed week off from school largely spent catching up on sleep;  however, in addition to feeling rested, take the time...

leaping into march!
“Leaping” Into March
March 19, 2024

February 29, 2024, was a leap day. There was an extra day this year instead of the normal 28 days of February. As you probably know, this bonus...

Barlow Varsity Cheer team takes fifth place in the high school varsity situational/sideline division at USA Spirit Nationals
Barlow’s Varsity Cheer Team Takes Their Spirit to State!
Tymber Sandvig, Social Media Editor • March 19, 2024

February was a big month for Barlow’s varsity cheer team. The team competed in OSAA Cheer State and USA Cheer Nationals led by Coach Brandie Seibel and their two senior captains, Tatum Louthan and Korynn...

 juniors Elsie Dahl, Kinzie Hopkins, and Addi Knight enjoying their night at snowball
Keeping It Classy At Snowball, And How Leadership Makes It Happen!
March 19, 2024

The annual Winter Formal, known as Barlow’s Snowball, was held on February 24th, 2024, in Barlow’s cafeteria. This year's theme was “A...

Various popular games fill the commons during Beardown week
Barlow's Got Game!
February 26, 2024

It is that time once again, Bruins! Beardown week is here, and this year, Barlow has game! Beardown week is our spring spirit week, where students...

A large collection of shoes donated to Sneakers 4 Good.
Sneakers 4 Good
February 26, 2024

Although 70% of the world uses repurposed clothing and shoes, Americans throw 300 million pairs of shoes away each year, taking 30-40 years to...

With daylight savings, clocks “spring forward” in March and “fall back” in November.
Is it Time to Ditch Daylight Savings?
Julia Aguirre, Staff Writer • March 19, 2024

Near the end of February, Senate Bill 1548 would have ended daylight savings time in most of the state of Oregon, excluding a small area of southeastern Oregon in the Mountain Time Zone, and kept the state...

Popular AI platform that’s been taking over the world
The Artificial Intelligence Insurgence
February 26, 2024

With the era of AI infiltrating our lives, from social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to replacing jobs, it’s not hard to imagine...

Pre-AP English is here for 9th graders and will be implemented for all 10th graders next year.
Navigating A New Pre-AP Class
January 30, 2024

With Pre-AP English 9 being a new class this year that all freshmen take, it is hard to know how it will run its course. As we are halfway through...

Heres Some tips to get you through the holiday season.
Ask Agnes
December 18, 2023

Dear Agnes, What do I get my parents for Christmas?    Dear Santa, For your mom, you could opt for getting her relaxing gifts....

Dune: Part Two has grossed nearly $370,000,000 internationally (as of 3/11/24)
2 Dune or not 2 Dune
Jacob Hallberg, Assistant Editor-In-Chief • March 19, 2024

Frank Herbert's seminal sci-fi classic, Dune, released in 1965, was thought by many to be unfilmable. The novel is over 185,000 words and is chock full of lore and world-building so esoteric that the book...

Emma Nuttall Weston Glover, Sam Brown, Haley  Deleon, Kate Kiperman, and Racheal Popesca at all state band.
Band All State
February 26, 2024

On the weekend of January 13th, six Barlow students were selected to participate in the All-State Band Festival: Rachel Popescu on flute, Hailey...

Barlow Concert Choir performing at the Oregon Music Educator Music Conference
Oregon Music Educators Conference
February 26, 2024

Barlow’s Concert Choir was one of four high schools in the state selected to perform at the Oregon Educators Music Conference on January 13th....

Miley Cyrus, SZA, and Taylor Swift at the 66th Grammy award show.
The Grammys
February 26, 2024

On February 4th, 2024, the 66th Grammys took place in Los Angeles, California. The Grammys are presented by members of the Recording Academy...