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Vol. 55, Issue 7 / April 18, 2023
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Barlow seniors say one last thanks to teachers.
Student Messages to Teachers
Hannah Stickney, Staff Writer • June 2, 2023

Thanks, Gracias, Merci The senior students were sent a survey asking if they had any teachers they wanted to give a shout out to for going the extra mile in their job. High school can be a really difficult time, but some teachers...

 Bruce Schmidt, Barlow’s Principal, shares a final message with the class of 2023.
Schmidt's Letter to Seniors
June 2, 2023

Dear Class of 2023,Sitting down to write an open letter to the Class of 2023 is somewhat of a dauntingtask. Do I get sentimental, humorous,...

The Treble and Bruin choirs put on their best show at the Spring Sing on May 16th.
Senior Band and Choir Kids
June 2, 2023

As the school year comes to a close, we’re saying goodbye to our senior students in band and choir. The arts are an important part of Barlow,...

From left to right: Kaelin Collar, Tristen Zikuhr, Katie Larson, Sierra Pimm. Watching the first football game of the season.
A Message to Seniors
June 2, 2023

At Sam Barlow High School, I remained certain about my future goals and decisions. I've always known I wanted to pursue medicine. When I looked...

The elected 2023-2024 Barlow Assistant Student Body Officers and their positions.
Meet Your 2023-2024 Bruin ASB Officers
Britney Henderson, Staff Writer • June 2, 2023

Every year, 10 Assistant Student Body (ASB) positions are elected at Barlow. As the 2022-2023 school year comes to an end, it is time for the current ASB officers to bestow their positions to the new officers....

 Sam Barlow High School Logo
College and Career Center Helps Bruin Thrive
June 2, 2023

Sam Barlow High School was recently recognized for helping low-income and first-generation students pursue a college degree or other higher education...

French citizens protesting the hike in the retirement age.
Protests Ravage France over Retirement Age
May 25, 2023

New legislation in France concerning the retirement age, which has been changed from 62 to 64, has been met with significant backlash. The public...

 School Based Health Centers are accessible and equitable!
Gresham-Barlow School District is building a School Based Health Center
May 25, 2023

By the start of the 2024-2025 school year, students will be able to access a health clinic across the street from Gresham High School. To create...

Go out in the sun! It will improve your mood!
Cloudy with a Chance of Moodiness; How Weather Affects Our Emotions
Madelyn Stumbo, Website Editor • May 25, 2023

When most of us think of summer, we envision happy, sun-filled days free of the stress of school, but can the weather actually play a role in how we feel? The short answer is yes, changes in levels of...

 There are several sustainable options for hair ties.
Eco Hair Ties Save Animal Lives
May 25, 2023

Have you ever bought a new pack of hair ties, worn them a few times and then they disappear? This isn't something that just happens to you. With...

Happy Earth Day!
Earth Day 2023
May 25, 2023

The 22nd of April every year is proclaimed as Earth day. This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the first earth day in 1970. Earth day is just...

Sunset on the beach
Home Stretch Until Summer
May 25, 2023

If you’re like me, this part of the year can be tough to get through. Homework is piling up, we have just a few days off, and instead of enjoying...

Barlow Seniors are saying goodbye to their childhood with their 18th Birthday and so are others.
Things Turning 18 This Year
Mia Fiedler, Editor-in-Chief • June 2, 2023

Miscellaneous: YouTube Reddit Roblox Pepe the Frog Pandora Music The First Cloned Dog   Movies: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Pride...

Chris Pratt when he was a highs school senior.
Celebrities as High School Seniors
June 2, 2023

Taylor Swift attended Aaron Academy where she graduated in 2008. Aaron Academy is a small private Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee. In...

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves features a star studded cast led by Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez
Dungeons and Dragons Review
May 25, 2023

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is, to use the technical term, not very good. The emotional core of the film is weak, the characters...

“The Dawn” an acrylic painting, created by senior Megan Maroon.
Barlow Students Take Home High Honors at MHCC Art Exhibit
May 25, 2023

Over the course of the past month, Mount Hood Community College hosted their annual MHCC Regional High School Art Exhibit. From April 3rd-28th,...

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