The Summer of the 1970s Coming Back?


Ben Rivas

70s big-framed tinted glasses

Ben Rivas, Staff Writer

With the gloomy clouds leaving and sweater weather passing, summer is near in Oregon. you might not have any clue what to wear, summer weather is super hard to predict especially in Oregon. One day it might be 90 degrees and the next might be 60, so you are going to want to be comfortable this summer. 

Many teens feel as though TikTok, the viral social media app, has influenced their style and fashion a ton. You’ll see kids posting their outfits of the day and they get thousands or even millions of views on it, which influences the brain of the watchers to step up their fashion game. 

The wolfcut is coming back (Ben Rivas)

During the summer of 2020, teenagers definitely got inspiration from the 90’s and 2000’s which are still very trendy, but now teens are feeling very inspired by my early 70’s and late 60’s fashion with clothes, hair, and makeup. A hairstyle that is all the rage with many people doing it whether succeeding or failing are shaggy mullets, some will call it a wolfcut. This haircut was deeply inspired by the iconic 70’s light fluffy hair, with of course a 2021 twist on it. 

Men are expressing their femininity (Ben Rivas)

An amazing thing about this generation of fashion is that it does not discriminate against gender as men are encouraged to express their femininity through fashion and style a lot more in the past, including painting their nails, wearing feminine clothing, and wearing makeup. This shows that clothing and makeup doesn’t have a gender and that anyone can wear anything they want.    

The summer of 2021 will hopefully be better than the disaster that was summer 2020 and we hope that you express your creativity through fashion!