Satisfying Summer


Emily Rath

Barlow Bruins are excited for the last day of school!

Emily Rath, Staff Writer

Students and teachers of all ages have been long awaiting summer break, now it’s right around the corner. There are some people who already have planned events with dates set, whereas others just have an outline of things they like to do, and will just pick and choose as their summer unfolds. Whichever type of person you may be, here are some things students plan to do during their break. 

You can see it one of two ways, two and a half months may be plenty of time to get your activities done, it may even be too long, or it may not be nearly enough time to do everything you want to do over your break. Neesa Powell, a sophomore at Sam Barlow says one thing she is excited for this summer is the road trip to the dunes planned for her birthday. “We’re going to rent a few quads, and I’m excited to go to the dunes, especially considering my best friend is coming with me,” Powell tells me. For some people their summer break overlaps with other holidays, such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

Don’t think you have to be thrilled for any particular thing or event. You are valid just for being excited about summer for the sake of it being summer. Abigail Austin, a junior at Sandy High School says, “I’m excited to not have the stress school gives me, and to be able to just live for a little bit.” I’m sure we can all agree with her. 

In case you are someone who can’t stand being unproductive, working over your summer break is an option as well, that is assuming you don’t already have a job. “ I’m really excited to get a summer job and meet new people,” said Ariel Kester, a sophomore at West Linn. 

Of course there are seniors who are graduating soon with their summer break being time to plan for the future. Create a course of action so to speak. For Israel Wilson, a senior at Sprague High School, his summer will be filled with hard work and planning out his next steps, but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking forward to graduating and starting his break. 

Whatever type of person you may be, and however you plan to spend your summer, I think we can all collectively agree that this break is something to look forward to. I think we can also agree that it was well deserved. Have a wonderful vacation Bruins!