At time hike this, you just have to get outside


Kaelin Collar

Angel’s Rest at sunset

Kaelin Collar, Editor-in-Chief

Summer break is just around the corner, leaving people searching for activities to engage in to avoid boredom. If you’re looking for an inexpensive adventure to experience, Gresham has several hikes within a close proximity with stunning scenery.

5. My first recommendation is Scouters Mountain Nature Park, which is located near Happy Valley, Oregon. This 1.2 mile trail inclines up the mountain towards an open field with gorgeous wildflowers. Another option available is visiting an old Boy Scout’s cabin, along with eating lunch at provided picnic tables.

4. Following Scouters Mountain, we have Multnomah Falls, the largest waterfall in Oregon, which is located near the Columbia Gorge. Gradually climbing up the falls is a 2.4 mile round trip, designed for a simple family stroll on the way to view the beautiful falls which oversees the rest of the Gorge.

3. Next is Latourell Falls, which is another hike located along the Columbia Gorge. Moderately ascending further to the falls can be done in  2.4 miles. Latourell Falls gives the opportunity to cross short bridges overlooking streams approaching the larger waterfall.

2. Located in Lyons, Oregon is Opal Creek Trailhead, which is a longer hike at 6.9 miles roundtrip, and is actually more of a walk due to little incline. Different from any other hike, Opal Creek leads towards natural water slides providing people the chance to gain entertainment and swim. Opal Creek Trailhead is a very popular vacation spot due to its beauty and wonderful sights.

1. Ultimately, my highest-ranked hike nearby is Angel’s Rest, which is located on the Western side of the Columbia Gorge. Passing waterfalls and an ancient lava flow throughout a 4.8 mile round trip towards the cliff that overlooks the entirety of the Gorge.


For more hikes, you can download the AllTrails app on your phone and find hikes that suit you!