Chromebooks down, time to focus on ourselves

Taking time for yourself keeps your mental health positively growing.

Kaelin Collar

Taking time for yourself keeps your mental health positively growing.

Kaelin Collar, Editor-in-Chief

Summer’s just around the corner and with the school year ending, the sense of relaxation and summer plans are beginning. For some of us, this past school year has felt like an eternity with the same cycle continuing to repeat itself every day, but how much stability do students have during this time? For the rest of us, knowing in a couple weeks we won’t have a schedule to follow can be nerve wracking, so what are some ways we can stay mindful?

Self companionship is essential | Recent studies have shown this throughout this period of isolation, daily journaling has become an outlet for everything on someone’s mind, even the things we think aren’t bothering us, and has successfully lowered stress levels, anxiety, and created healthy eating habits. Pinterest has thousands of every day writing prompts to get you started, positive affirmations are important, and even writing about goals or future plans are a great way to start.

Meditation can seem silly, but is very calming to an individual |Since the extent of social gathering is limited and loneliness is toxic to the body, researchers have discovered meditation is helpful especially to those already suffering from mental health diseases’. There are several Youtubers who create content surrounding meditation by listening to them, or even turning on some relaxing music and doing it yourself, and for better resources to start, Mrs. Peterson is an expert.

Routine is your new best friend | Without the force of the school’s provided schedule, routine’s are simply forgotten. To manage anxiety and help adapt to reality, a clear distinction between work and free time are necessary. Find things that challenge you, but also celebrate you. Working in short bursts breaks stress and naturally maintains clarity.

Maintain connections | Even the most introverted people need a sense of connection, it’s just the way humans were created to function. Whether it’s talking through social media, FaceTime, online gaming platforms, work, or some other outreach, communication is a necessity. However, keeping a healthy balance between an online application and reality is significant. 

Spend time away from technology | Think back to when you were younger and didn’t have any electronics besides Nintendo, what did you do? Get some vitamin D and outside, go for a walk, hike, run, play sports, or even in your own comfort of backyard and tan. Read a book, it doesn’t have to be the one’s required in English classes, but even something as simple as a magazine or comic book. Find new recipes! Personally I spent a lot of time baking and cooking during last summer and found it’s time consuming but delicious, despite the mess of dishes afterwards.

Summer break is always full of memories, plans, and academic relief. Just remember to remain mindful and take into consideration ways to stay healthy and positive physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Stay mindful and take a step back and really look at life to find those little moments of gratitude, while celebrating completing another year of school. 

For any reason, please don’t hesitate contacting (877)968-8491 for a 24 hour support line, because even if it feel like it, you are not alone.