Glad to be back!


Arika Engstrom

Caption: From left to right, meet our new staff writers, Adayah Trickel, Hailey Walker, Mia Fiedler, Tatum Louthan, and Cheyenne Comeau.

Arika Engstrom, Assistant Editor and Social Media Editor

As the 2021-2022 school year kicks off with a warm welcome to new students and staff, the Bruin Banner would like to welcome five new excellent journalists. Sophomores, Hailey Walker, Cheyenne Comeau, Mia Fiedler, Tatum Louthan, and Adayah Trickel. All very outstanding and excited to be a part of journalism experience. 

Sophomore, Hailey Walker, is looking forward to meeting other students outside of who she already knows. Walker joined the class to get opportunities to learn more about writing and to better herself for interviews and articulation. 

Sophomore, Cheyenne Comeau, was persuaded to join Banner after she had taken Intro to Journalism. ¨I loved writing opinion articles, because it’s the best way people can express themselves.¨ Comeau is most looking forward to interviewing teachers, learning to publish articles, and being able to see the articles printed and on the Banner website.

Sophomore, Mia Fiedler, is ready to take her skills to the next level and become a more fluent writer. Fiedler is excited for the opportunity to photograph for her articles and is most anticipating writing important pieces, while getting to know other individuals. 

Sophomore, Tatum Louthan, was given the opportunity to join journalism and took the chance of Bruin Banner to be more involved with the school. ¨I enjoyed learning about the history through journalism and how everything began.¨ Louthan is ready to take on this class and is prepared to produce the articles and issues that we, as a class, are most proud of. 

Sophomore, Adayah Trickel, is excited to start publishing her articles and get feedback. Trickle joined the Bruin Banner to get more experience and to learn more of what the Banner is all about. 

These new staff members are a great new addition to the class and will make for a productive team. Make sure to be on the lookout for the stories they publish!