Barlow Cares + Mental Health


Tatum Louthan

Check out the posters around the school!

Tatum Louthan, Staff Writer

Barlow Care is a new program that Barlow has created, with it’s goal to make sure our school’s students and community know that we care. Including the little things like recognizing people’s birthdays, reaching out to ill students, and fully welcoming new students into Barlow. By adding these things, we are hoping to make Barlow a better place for all.

This new program is to ensure that students feel welcomed and comfortable here at Barlow. For new students, Barlow Care is planning to hold new student lunches once a month and give them Barlow gear so they feel like they are a part of Barlow from the start. This program will not only be for welcoming new students but all students. Barlow wants you to know that they care and that you are welcome here at the school especially after this past year. By implementing this program, Barlow is hoping to create a better school environment. 

 Barlow will also be looking for student ambassadors for this program, and there will be applications for this soon. We want student ambassadors who want to spread kindness and make our school an overall positive place to be. There will be an Advisory presentation about this program and the details of it sometime in November.

“If people’s mental health isn’t fine, people aren’t fine.”This quote by Mrs. Louvin could not be more true. If you need or would like to talk to a counselor or Mrs. Louvin, our school’s social worker, there are QR codes on posters around the school you can scan to make an appointment or you can go to the counseling office and schedule an appointment. Mrs. Louvin also has an Instagram account where she posts lots of things that can give you a little pick-me-up when you are feeling low and words of encouragement for when you need them. For those who would like to follow her Instagram, it’s @barlowsocialworker .