Frequent Skippers has Caused Frustration


Kaelin Collar

Skipping class to hangout in the bathroom has gotten so popular, memes have been created.

Kaelin Collar, Editor-in-Chief

As the transition from distance learning to in-person learning has continued to develop throughout our current school year, a more significant issue has been several students choosing to wait out in the bathrooms rather than attend classes. 

“While it’s not as much as a problem in the girls’ bathroom as much as the boys, typically, students are found hanging out, vaping, smoking, or vandalizing, further preventing other students from using the restroom. “We’ve begun to lock some bathrooms, so it’s more controlled,” mentions Rocky Grandjean, student management administrator.

Although students skipping classes has been a recurring problem throughout every school year, this year, in particular, has been more strenuous. For student management to obtain more control, the lockdown of specific restrooms has caused more students to be tardy to their classes while they’re required to use a bathroom out of their way. It’s also caused the frequent students that skip occupying the only available stalls. In similar correlation to skipping classes, vandalism has begun. 

“As our students know, there is a reward posted for any knowledge of the vandal(s), which has been helpful for administration but also caused us to lose some money that was taken advantage of. However, the destruction of the restrooms has become an ongoing issue with our new school being marked up, destroyed, and uncared for,” states Grandjean.

Hanging out in the bathrooms creates boredom and intrigues the beginning of vandalism. Principal, Bruce Schmidt, announced that administrators and student management would reward fifty dollars to any student who had vandalism proof. The ongoing issue revolving around skipping class has unappreciated the extraordinary lengths our district has gone to provide a clean environment, ultimately persuading administrators to lock bathrooms and set a reward system.

“Even though it is usually a reoccurring group of people that skip class to go to the bathroom, we as administrators understand that the pandemic has prevented students from seeing their friends and socializing, resulting in school as many students only outlet. However, there is a time and place for this. Remember to be considerate of the school’s purpose, other students, and administrators,” indicates Grandjean.

Returning to in-person learning full time has been quite an adjustment for students and staff, which is understandable, but be considerate of our school. Barlow has resources such as talking with a trusted staff member or creating an appointment with our social worker for anyone needing extra support in this time of adapting and has provided reasonable accommodations.

“As students to help administrators, remember to report the vandal(s), and if you don’t feel comfortable or safe doing so, keep in mind that it stays confidential. We’re trying to keep the students’ space to retain complete satisfaction, but help is needed to understand unauthorized activities when unsupervised. It also helps us handle the consistent individuals when other students stay in class instead of wandering around the halls throughout the day,” announces Grandjean.

Despite the longing, days school can feel like, keep in mind and consider Barlow’s purpose, environment, fellow classmates, and administrators to reduce the common occurrence of restroom closure and vandalism. As Bruins, let’s focus on maintaining a clean atmosphere and treating things the way they should be treated.