Travis Scott? More like Travis Flop: AstroWorld Concert has a Death Toll of 10


Travis Scott Instagram

Travis Scott issues an apology video following the tragedy.

We’ve all heard about the Travis Scott tragedy in Houston, Texas, on November 5, 2021. It’s pretty scary to think about going to your favorite artist’s show and not coming back. Unfortunately, this was the case for ten people. The deaths from the concert ranged from ages 9 to 27. 

Ezra Blount, who was nine, sustained injuries from getting trampled the night of the concert. He was put into a medically induced coma, but he eventually succumbed to his injuries days after the concert. Twenty-five more people were transported to the hospital. 

An estimated 50,000 people were at the concert while the maximum capacity was 200,000, but the problem wasn’t the number of people; it was people pushing the crowd, causing the people in the front to become squished against each other. This caused people to go into cardiac arrest or get trampled under people trying to escape. 

In a KXAN article, someone even reported that an officer got pricked with a needle and had to be injected with Narcan. While this was all happening, Scott kept playing, ignoring people begging him to stop the music. 

Shockingly enough, Travis Scott has already been jailed for endangering the crowd before. In 2017, according to TMZ, he incited a riot within the crowd in Arkansas. In 2015, he encouraged people to storm the stage, again putting people in danger. 

More than a dozen articles were filed against Travis Scott as of the Monday after the concert. The most expensive of these lawsuits is $2 billion on behalf of at least 125 of the victims of Astroworld. Drake is also named in this lawsuit. 

Travis has made public statements on this, which included an Instagram story where he was seen putting his head into his hand. This was turned into a meme shortly, as people remarked on how fake his apology was. We’ll see how this pans out, as Scott hasn’t paid for this suit yet.