Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Ms. Adina

The new and improved Barlow building was created with the students in mind to create a welcoming space for them.

Adayah Trickel, Staff Writer

On Sunday, October 30th, Sam Barlow held an open house to show everyone invited to the newly renovated school. Self-guided tours and performances were featured at the event. Alina Estrada, Sam Barlow’s student body President, cut the ribbon and gave an amazing speech. Later on, Andrew Schroeder, a student attending Barlow, sang at this event.

As people toured the school, cameramen filmed, and Barlow Sound sang simultaneously. Amber Schroeder, choir director, directed Barlow Sound. They renovated the auditorium, black box theater, and many more with the newly designed high school! With easily accessible water and extra provided space, the students are very glad.

Courtyards are also accessible to students, providing more space to walk around, enjoy lunch, or finish big classroom projects. Easier clean-up and a more engaging environment. Essentially, encouraging students to step out there and be themselves. Whether it is soloing in a jazz band or singing in a choir, this school will always be here for you. More and clean space makes students feel more valued and comfortable. Instead of our last, new green rooms were almost like a garage.  As well as new dressing rooms, more spacious for both the boys and girls. 

Overall, it is a better learning environment and safer. A big thank you to the voters in our community for investing in our students and their bright futures. Thanks to them all, showing the community pride and how much more we can do now!