Gift Ideas for the Holidays


Country Living Magazine

Finding the perfect gift can be the most stressful part of the holiday season.

Cheyenne Comeau, Staff Writer

During the holiday, people are constantly stressing about what gifts they want to give to special people in their life. Students got the opportunity to fill out a survey about their favorite holiday gifts that they’ve given to people. The majority of them had similar answers or alternative answers because many have given affordable gifts in the past. Some of these ideas may be helpful if you are searching for gift ideas.


The top 10 of the most recommended gifts were:

  1. Money or gift cards.

You might not know what specific things they like, so getting a card or getting creative and using a small box and putting money in it or getting a gift card to a place they would enjoy can be a great gift.

  1. Makeup.

If you are looking for a gift, simple makeup items are an excellent idea for Christmas. 

  1. Clothes.

Clothes are a big hit around Christmas time. Everyone loves new clothes such as new shirts that are simple gifts, hoodies, or shoes. 

  1. Perfume|cologne

Perfume or cologne can bring cheer to a lot of people. Finding simple ones at the store is a big hit. 

  1. Fuzzy socks.

Fuzzy socks can be very popular with kids, so buying your friend a matching pair of fuzzy socks would be great.


      If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, here are a few affordable gifts

  1. Make or buy a blanket. 

Using leftover fabric or buying a blanket kit from the store is a simple way to make a blanket this holiday season. Some stores also may sell cheap and cute blankets. 

  1. Draw a picture.

Kids love drawing, so putting that to use and wrapping it to make it look special is a great gift for a family member. 

  1. Make a bracelet. 

If you’re struggling to come up with gift ideas for your friends, making a simple bracelet with string or rubber bands is a cheap and fun gift. 

  1. A homemade hot chocolate kit.

Using a jar or mug, putting hot chocolate ingredients in it, and wrapping it up is a cute gift to give anyone. 

  1. Holiday sugar scrub. 

A great gift for women in your life would be a homemade sugar scrub with a mason jar with their favorite lotion sent in it. There are some great recipes online that show ingredients and measurements.