Colleges in Oregon Requiring Booster shots



Original booster deadline for college students

Cheyenne Comeau, Staff Writer

Colleges in Oregon are not letting students attend their campuses if they don’t get their booster shot by the deadlines. The University of Portland, other Oregon colleges such as the University of Oregon, and other private universities like Pacific University changed requirements to receive boosters before school starts. 

The University of Portland has set its deadlines to February 1, 2022. They say that these schools take precautions to get back on campus for a new term. To take caution of COVID-19, they will start their new terms with an online course. 

Previously, the University of Oregon’s deadline was January 31, 2022. They had changed that because many people had been affected by Covid-19 and couldn’t get the chance to get a booster shot before school started up again. They decided to change the deadline to Monday, February 14th, 2022. They were hoping that students would get the booster over their winter break to get it over with, but unfortunately, many students had gotten Covid over break. But students can ask for an exemption if something goes wrong or if they can’t get in to get the booster. Students who receive their vaccine must provide proof to the school so the hold on your account can be taken off.

Oregon has seven public schools, and only two public schools have announced their requirements for the vaccines, but this does not include the two private schools that have announced requirements. A parent who has reacted to the booster deadline says she has, “peace of mind knowing her son is going to a university that requires an extra shot.” This requirement for the booster is not only for students; staff members are required to get the booster even if they work remotely. “I think it’s a good thing because I want to stay in in-person classes,” McFeeters-Krone a student from Oregon University said. On the other hand, some people are not for the vaccine. “It’s not a huge deal to me; I’d personally prefer to see more people get it. I don’t know if it should necessarily be mandated, though,” mentions Fice.