Old Navy Reopens at Gresham Station


Adina Kiriac

Gresham Station Old Navy is back and better than ever

Cheyenne Comeau, Staff Writer

Reopened at the beginning of March 2022, the Gresham Old Navy reopens at its original location after almost one year. The tragic news of the roof collapsing after a crazy snowstorm on February 15, 2021, caused Old Navy to shut down their business to rebuild the fallen roof. In the meantime, Old Navy had relocated in the building of an old Men’s Warehouse that was unoccupied. This brought most of their old customers back as the wait was on. 

The owner of The Gresham Station, Jay Fetherston, had spoken out about what had happened before the roof’s collapse. He explained that workers were concerned for their safety, and they had to evaluate the problem first, and they had decided not to open the store back up. It happened to be a 10-16 foot section that had caved in on the store. Thankfully no one got injured during this time.

Old Navy has a great variety of clothing, most known for their excellent prices and pants. A surprising fan favorite came to the Gresham location involving plus-sized clothing instead of being online exclusives. Customers were thrilled; however, this was not enough for the clothing line. They announced that the prices for plus size didn’t meet their hopes and standards so they will stick with plus size clothing online, which will be shocking to the customers who were excited to go into the store and try these sizes on. 

No matter what happens to the Old Navy, they will stay strong and keep getting great business. Not even a roof collapse down stops their company from getting the great business they will find an alternative. Even though I may not have gone in to see the new remodel of the Old Navy, I highly recommend going. I´ve heard they had renovated the store for the better and they have changed lockers for staff members to create a great work environment.