Winter Sports Highlights


Tyson Roupp

Tyson Roupp

Tyson Roupp: 

“Basketball has been a part of my life for the past thirteen years, primarily in a Barlow atmosphere, whether in high school or playing during youth camps. Some of my favorite memories have been traveling with the team for tournaments and beating some really tough teams because we play together as a team. Basketball has taught me how to fight through adversity and the importance of working together as a team. I want to thank TJ and all my coaches for caring so much about our team, my teammates for buying in and working hard, and the superfans for making every season one-hundred times more fun.”

Melanie Hiu (Melanie Hiu)

Melanie Hiu:

“I’ve been playing basketball since I joined the YMCA youth team back in 4th grade, so I’ve been playing for about nine years now. My favorite memory throughout these past four years has always been celebrating tough wins and locker room talks before games. Basketball has taught me how to work well with a team, make quick adjustments, and the importance of hard work. I want to thank my parents and my brother for always supporting me and all the coaches I’ve had who have helped me get where I am today.”

Bryce Ellis (Bryce Ellis)

Bryce Ellis:

“Although I’ve only been on the racquetball team since my sophomore year, I’ve come a long way. My favorite memory would be from the 2022 nationals. I was in front of the court, and I chased the ball down and dove to hit it off the back wall and rolled it out while playing on the USA Racquetball Livestream. Racquetball has taught me to work hard and put it all out on the court. I want to thank my coaches, Brady Ancheta and Bryan Roberts, for helping me through the years to play to my best ability and for treating the team like a family.”

Sam Moffett, Spence Cheney, Hayden Markell, and Andrew Rasmussen. (Spence Cheney)

Spence Cheney:

“I’ve been swimming for three years now and have the best memory of the entire team getting in the pool with socks on to warm up. I know it sounds uncomfortable, but as a swimmer, it’s a relief. Swimming has taught me to improve consistently. When I began freshman year, my 100m was 1:19:03, fairly slow, and by senior year I’ve gotten my timing to 57.98, a 22-second improvement. I want to thank my coaches and past teammates as they were always positive, and even with the pools being temporarily closed, it didn’t stop my coaches from getting the team on the track to have us run and lift milk jugs. To anyone considering swimming, you’ll never regret working hard to achieve your goals, you’ll always be pushing yourself, and the entire sport is fun.”

Ethan Hendrix (Ethan Hendrix)

Ethan Hendrix:

“I’ve been wrestling all four years of high school and have most enjoyed dominating Gresham High School every year. I want to thank my family and my coaches for all they’ve done for me. To my younger teammates, don’t take the time you have left on and off the mat for granted; enjoy it while you can.”