Make Spring Break Worth It!


Arika Engstrom

Spring Break is here!

Arika Engstrom, Assistant Editor

As spring break is upon us, many individuals question what they plan to do over the course of the week. If you are at a loss of plans for what to do, here are some great ideas:


  • Take a weekend road trip with your friends or family to the beach.
  • Pick up a pencil or paintbrush, learn some new artwork, and improve your artistic skills.
  • Take some time out of your week and read a book or two. 
  • Create a board game that you could play with a group of friends or for a fun family game night.
  • Go to a nearby plant shop and buy a couple of plants. The presence of plants can make anyone happy!
  • Start making a new playlist for when summer starts to approach.
  • Find a new recipe on Pinterest to make and have your family and friends try it. Or have a cookoff with a group of people.
  • Take a week to yourself and work on self-love, growth, and independence.
  • Go out and try a new coffee shop. 
  • Start planning your next trips over the summer with some friends or family.
  • Find a new hobby like skateboarding, meditation, photography, etc. Get to know what you like.
  • Become less involved in social media. Social media can be toxic for some people, and sometimes a break is necessary. Spring break is the perfect time to have that break.
  • Plan a picnic in the park if nice weather is expected. The outdoors is always relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Go on a hike with a group of friends and visit a waterfall. Be sure to dress warm! Although it may be sunny, it isn’t quite warm yet.
  • Spring cleaning is here! Clean out your closets, donate your clothes you no longer need/want, throw out unneeded items, and clean out your cars. 
  • Take a night and go cosmic bowling or go to the arcade with a group of friends.
  • Binge your favorite shows over the week or have a self-care movie night with friends or family. 
  • Find a new video game that you think you might enjoy, or have a throwback and play old games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, Call of Duty, or Just Dance. 
  • Spend the day in an escape room with friends. 
  • Take a mini road trip to Hood River or Seattle and get to know the city. Try a coffee shop you’ve never heard of, or find a cute store with merchandise representing the city. 
  • Spend the day exploring Downtown Portland. Get to see our beloved city.
  • Visit the Portland Art Museum, it’s quite breathtaking.
  • Be sure to finish any homework or complete missing work so you’re reset and ready after the break.


Spring break is approaching, so be sure to have fun and stay safe. Remember Bruins; this is the last break of the school year, so make it count and push through the rest of the school year!