How To Prepare for AP Exams!



AP Exams are almost here.

Tatum Louthan, Staff Writer

It is now springtime, and for many students, AP exams are coming up soon. Going into AP season may be stressful. Here are some ways to study in advanced and be more prepared to ace your exams:

  1. Start in class

First, you can start by participating in class, doing all your assignments, and trying your best to comprehend the material. Asking your teacher to go over the exam format during class will help too. Getting familiar with exams will make you less anxious going into the exam.


  1. Use the resources in the AP Classroom on the college board website.

The AP Classroom has a wide variety of tools to help you study. Some tools in the AP Classroom are progress checks with multiple-choice questions and free-response questions, where you can get feedback from your teachers. Teachers can also create practice tests to help you know what you need to improve on. The AP Classroom also includes daily AP videos to help you study all the course content.


  1. Know your exam dates and time

Knowing when you are taking your exam lets you plan out your study times. When you have set study times with designated topics you are studying, you will be better at keeping to that schedule. Along with the times and dates, you can also find extra details about the exam structure and tips. You can find your exam dates and times on the College Board website. 


  1. Use practice exam resources 

The College Board website provides exam preparation resources like practice questions from the actual exam, scoring guidelines, and student examples. Using the College Board’s resources can help you feel more comfortable with the exam structure.


 Here are some tips for the day before taking exams.


  1. Get a good night’s rest.

Making sure you get a good night’s rest is the key to success. Research shows that “students who sleep more get better grades. They are more well-focused and are better at recalling information.” Studying is very important to be successful, but sleep will help improve your ability to remember what you studied for.


  1. Eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch.

Having a good lunch and breakfast will help fuel your mind and body before an exam. Being well-nourished and healthy will improve your ability to focus and remember important information.


  1. Calm your mind and body

Going into exams calmly and ready will help you be more successful. When you wake up in the morning, listening to your favorite music can help relax your mind. When you get to your exam, get comfortable with your surroundings, and turn off your phone and devices. Having your phone on can lead to distractions. 


Using these tips, you can be more successful with your exams, but always remember to stay calm, and you’ll do great. Good luck Bruins!