Kirby and the Forgotten Land



Kirby and the Forgotten is a new Nintendo Switch game

Kirby has been one of Nintendo’s timeless classics for decades now. From his first appearance in Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992 to the newest Kirby and the Forgotten Land and everything in between, people of all ages  have been enjoying this lovable little pink ball for years. The latest addition to the Kirby series is a 3D platformer released on the Nintendo Switch in March of 2022. 


The goal in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is to save all of the Waddle Dees that have been captured by the Beast Pack and spread throughout the seven worlds. Each world has several levels and hidden games to play. Each level has five hidden missions that earn you an achievement and extra points. There is a boss to defeat at the end of each world, and strewn through the world are mini-bosses to fight within some levels. The seven worlds have specific themes. For example, Everybay Coast is ocean-themed with sea creature enemies, and Wondaria Remains, an abandoned theme park with working rides! 


The game features many small mini-games within itself. As you rescue Waddle Dees in levels, you will unlock mini-games in the Waddle Dee town, which reward you with star coins for playing. Playing these mini-games can provide you with useful things. For example, after playing the mini-game at the Waddle Dee Cafe, you can buy snacks for star coins. You can equip one snack in your inventory to take levels with you and restore health. Once beating a level, you may unlock a Treasure Road mini-challenge. These are optional, not part of the storyline, and provide you with Rare Stones. These are needed to upgrade abilities in the weapons shop in Waddle Dee town. You can also uncover Treasure Road games and star coins by searching in certain areas of the world (not within the levels). Each level has hidden prizes such as gatcha figurines, star coins, Waddle Dees, and secret missions. 


An interesting aspect of the game is the mouthful feature. Many of us know Kirby can suck in just about anything, from food, items, and even enemies, which allows him to take on their ability. A new feature is the Mouthful power. Kirby can swallow a large item and take on some ability from it. For example, he can then shoot soda cans at enemies with a soda machine. Each level requires you to use the mouthful ability; sometimes, there are also mini-games within the level that you can only play using the said ability. For example, one level in Wondaria Remains has a mini-game where you swallow a car and race through the park collecting star coins; winning with the quickest time will reward you with the last hidden Waddledee. 


This delightful game is simple enough to play for any beginner. There are two separate settings, one for beginners called Spring-Breeze mode. In this mode, the player has more health, and the enemies you face are easier to defeat. This mode is best for players who want to enjoy the storyline and art. Wild mode is a bit more challenging though it is still pretty easy to play. Kirby has less health, and the enemies are more complex, but you can collect more star coins in this mode you are able to. You can change your mode at any point in the game through the settings. 


If you have a Switch, look for Kirby and the Forgotten Land in the Nintendo eShop. It is recommended for all. It is a great way to wind down after a busy day or just a quick pick me up. This stress-free game with a touching plot will be a favorite for many. Even if it doesn’t seem like your style, try it! You might be surprised.