Get to Know Your Garden


Arika Engstrom

Plants in The Moss Works in Downtown Gresham.

Arika Engstrom, Assistant Editor

As people start to pack up their winter clothes and bring out the Easter decorations, Spring is upon us. Technically, the first day of Spring is March 20th, but it doesn’t start to feel like Spring until mid-April.

April is known as National Garden Month, which is celebrated worldwide. National Garden Month was declared in April of 2015. “Back in the 1980s, the National Garden Bureau worked with twenty-three cosponsoring national horticultural organizations to legislate National Garden Week, and in 1986, President Regan signed the Proclamation. In 2002, the National Garden Association resolved to extend the celebration to encompass the entire month of April,” states National Garden

  Gardening can be very challenging as there are many variables such as heat, lack of water, lack of light, poor soil conditions, and for many, a lack of knowledge. It is essential to understand the type of gardening you want to do. Joining a garden club can be very helpful as most garden clubs focus on plants that are indigenous to your area.

Anyone can start a garden project with minimal expense. With today’s technology, one can research different types of plants they want while finding out the particular needs for different types of soil for specific plant types. Having an ample space when designing any garden area, one does not need to have a large yard. Patio gardens are great for potted plants. At any local home-improvement store, you can purchase pots, soil, nutrients, and more oversized items such as raised garden beds, 

The need we all have for gardens as they attract hummingbirds, various types of other birds, bees, and many insects that can be helpful to your garden. Most long-term gardeners start seeds, which is a straightforward and inexpensive process. Most of the seedlings will produce food and could lead to other hobbies such as canning and bulk-freezing. The only fundamental limitation to gardening is your own. Another rewarding way to get involved or appreciate gardening is to visit some local garden centers and places, such as the Japanese garden, the Portland Rose garden, the Tulip Festival, Farmers Market, and the plethora of gardens on Sauvie’s Island. All of these are very accessible and educational. Strolling through any large local garden centers can also be highly informative. 

NBC News explains, “Studies have proven that owning a house plant can improve concentration, help reduce stress levels and boost mood by up to 15%. Flowers and ornamental plants increase positive energy levels and help people feel secure and relaxed.”

So, while the sun is beginning to shine and temperatures are rising, get your garden going!