Teacher Appreciation Week



Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6

Camryn Sobella, Staff Writer

Teacher appreciation week! A week that is dedicated to our teachers. Through everything teachers face daily, they still help us and want to see us succeed. We owe it all to our Barlow teachers; Barlow says thank you! 


This week get your teachers something special, to show them how much you appreciate them. There are many ways to thank a teacher: a note, a card, a kind word. There are also ways to share your gratitude, hoping that others will recognize your teacher’s impact and thank their teachers. Connor Oilla, a junior says, “I always make sure to get my teachers a little something to say thank you, whether that be a treat or a card.” Great idea! To show you care about your teachers, think about going the extra mile this week when you say thanks.


Teacher appreciation week is a national holiday, yet they still come to school. The importance of teacher recognition is also acknowledged and encouraged. From grading our late work to cleaning up after us, teachers deserve the best from us. “They are more than our teacher; they are our mentors, and we look up to them,” sophomore Ashley Miller says. Teacher Appreciation Week gives opportunities for the school to thank the educators who work so hard to make schools a better place. It is also a chance for students, parents, and communities to give back.


April Andrew’s says this week, “Renaissance Leadership is currently planning several things for the week.”! Many other students say they plan on making sure every teacher gets a thank you for all the hard work they put in. It’s not easy being a teacher, but our teachers sure make it look easy. For that, we say thank you. They don’t have to work late grading our work or explain things repeatedly to us, but they do anyway. Teachers are the best! 


Our teachers are seriously some of the best individuals ever, and we owe them so much. So remember to say “thank you” and be on your best behavior. Not only this week but every day after it too.