Why you should play golf?


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Sign up for golf next year!

Joshua Nonamaker, Staff Writer

Are you interested in golf? Golf is a very popular sport and tons of people play it every year. Our school has three golf teams for students to join; Varsity,  junior varsity and golf club. Golf club does not play matches it’s for people that the coaches think are good but could need more practice. Junior varsity is the second best team. They are below varsity but above golf club. Then there’s Varsity. They are considered by the coaches to be the best golf players. 

Chase Call said he most enjoyed going to practice because “it’s just a place to go and relax. The second best part to me was doing our team pictures.” 

When asked what he would rate the season out of ten and he gave it a 9/10 because he had lots of fun and met new people the only part he did not like was that practice got rained out more than a couple times. 

If that was not enough for you to maybe try out golfing or maybe join the golf team next year. From experience it’s a fun sport and it’s not really a super competitive sport like basketball or football. Another good thing about it is that you don’t need to be athletic or work out to stay on the team or just to play. Golf is also a very social sport. You can just go out with friends or family and spend time with them. And if you want to make it competitive then you can keep score on your game and if you didn’t know golf doesn’t keep score like regular sports do they keep score by who had swung there club the least throughout the game. Golf’s rules are not very complicated either, they are very basic so it’s very easy to get the hang of. The biggest and most important rules are: to not move your ball after you hit it and to leave the course as you found it so that means don’t tear up or damage the course because it can get expensive for golf courses to repair their course, or it can ruin the experience for other golfers. 

There are some cons to it though. Golf clubs can be very expensive and you have to buy special golf shoes. It will also take a couple months to get a hang of it but it usually takes a little while to get a hang of anything you really enjoy. Lastly, it’s a seasonal sport so if you want to play it in the winter you would most likely have to wait until summer or go somewhere warm. 

But do you think after this article you’d play golf?