APHG Exam Advice



AP Exam season doesn’t have to be so stressful.

Are you wondering how you can study for your APHG (Advanced Placement Human Geography) exam, but have no clue where to start? Well, you’re in luck, because I have some useful advice that’ll benefit you in helping prepare for it. First things first, I’ll give you the 3 main pieces of advice that helped me, like knowing how to study for an APHG exam, getting to know certain topics/ themes better, and lastly practicing some previous FRQs (free response questions).

Studying can help prepare yourself for an exam, but doing it the wrong way would be a waste of time. A way to benefit the most from studying is to review, write down, and talk it out. Doing this will effectively help you memorize what you need to remember for the exam.  When it comes to writing down information, sum it up, that way it’ll be easier to memorize. Like with dogs, they are more likely to remember its name if it’s shorter rather than if it is long. This is because when you think of that topic, it just clicks faster.

Familiarizing yourself with the APHG themes is one of the ways that can make studying easier, That way you can keep tabs on each topic and look back if needed. It even ties in with being organized because you are organizing your thoughts and notes. Another reason why you should get to know the topics is that when you come across a question on the FRQ or multiple choice questions, it’ll be way easier to go through them and put in your answer. Due to that, you won’t be spending too much time on questions, since you have a limited time to complete them.

The last piece of advice I have to provide to you is to practice FRQs. This really helped me out, because for one, I can understand the structure of it better, and two, know how to fully answer questions without being confused about what is being asked so that I can get full points. You can also learn some methods that’ll help break down the question being asked like locating the verb, which is very important. For example, if you’re getting a question that’s asking you to define a word, and you give an example of the word, you don’t necessarily need to do that because that’s not what you need to answer.  Define and identify questions are usually only one sentence. Other verbs to look out for are analyze, evaluate, explain, and discuss. Another thing that you should do besides locating the verb is to underline it so that you can simplify what is being asked. I recommend that you do this so you won’t be as overwhelmed by a question.


That is about it, and I am hoping you will use my advice to the fullest and study (don’t overdo it though)!! Remember to pace yourself so that your brain can fully process information little by little,  Just like baby steps. I hope this article on APHG exam advice has helped you, and maybe you’d even share some of these tips to a friend that needs help too. I wish you luck on the exam!