Sports Spring Rundown


Barlow High School

Seniors celebrate a Barlow game

Track and Field-

Coach Name- Scott Jones

Placed in the Conference- Boys- 3rd

                                            Girls- 4th

Key Competitors- Boys: Ryan Mickle, Kolby Nagle, Hudson Pate, Dakota Pillster, Dylan Stratton, Parker Waugh

                             Girls: Kendrie Guy, Marya Guzenko, Grace Lam Tiang, Diana Miller, Hailee Nelson, Daniella Zubko

Coach Jones,  “This has been a really great group to coach. They work hard and compete harder. I’m really proud of this group and all the work they have put in over the years. This class lost a year to Covid, but they will leave a legacy of toughness and strength for many to follow.” 



Coach Name- Brady Burdick

Record- 9-15

Key Players- Tyson Roupp, Ethan Jones, Zack Maynard, Yamato Uptegrove

Fun Fact- Every player on our team has hit and stolen a base. The team has nicknamed their clubhouse “The Dojo” and uses it for meditation before each game.


Boys Golf-

Coach Name- Mark Quinn

Standings- 2nd place in Conference and 3rd in Regionals. Mason Bratcher qualified as an individual to competent at the State Tournament in Corvallis on May 16-17

Key Players- Mason Bratcher, Jackson Knifong, Alex Lowery



Coach Names- Tracy Jackson, Darren McCarty, Neil Collins, Ralph Howell, Derrionate Freeny, Greg Shoukas, Adam Meyer, Bob Fay

Record- 6-4

Key Players- Ethan Hendrex, Danny Sanchez, Ethan Jones, Jake Fay, 



Coaches Names- Jessie Mott

Record- 6-4 Mt. Hood Conference

Seniors- Jessie Mattews, Hope Davidson, Grace Zeller, Grace Lam Tiang, Riley Slyter



Coaches Name- Mike Riegelmann

Assistant Coach- Dawn Markell

Record- Girls team never lost a game, won the state title for the second time. Boys team ended the season with 3rd place in state.

Key Players- Girls Team- Amaya Lieby, Allison Corbett, Kalie Younce

                       Boys Team- Leo Erickson, Jackson Knifong, William McLaughlin and Nick Bacon

Fun Fact- Girls team won State Title for the second time in school history. 


Girls Golf-

Coach Name- David Spirlin

Standings-3rd in league

Key Players- Maggie Gilmour, Hope Davidson, Deiana Gutwig

Spirlin mentions, “Have a short memory, The most important shot is the next one, Find it and hit it.”


Girls Basketball- 

Coach Name- Nick Hudson

Record- 25 wins, 4 losses, placed 2nd in state

Fun Fact- Made history by going further than any other team in Barlow history. 


Girls Soccer-

Coach Name- Jay Jacobsen

Assistant Coach- Andrew Toth

Record- 9-4-3

Seniors- Erin Marynik, Abbie Nelson, Evan White, Naomi Whipps, Sammy Spring, Camryn Waibel, Bernice Cruz, Aaydnn Dreske, Carina Toth

Fun Fact- They were the Mt. Hood Conference champions for the 3rd year in a row. 


Boys Basketball-

Coach Name- Tom Johnson

Record- Overall record 19-8, League record- 13-3

Seniors- Tyson Roupp, Jessie Jones, Nathan Jones, Hudson Pate, Kaleb Gonzalez

1st team- Jalen Atkins, Nathen Jones

Honorable Mention- Jesse Jones, Tyson Roupp, Jahvari Martino

Coaches Quote- Johnson states, “It was really honoring that we were able to win a home playoff game.”



Coach Name- Rob Gehrke

Record- 8-9

Key Players- Brittany Henderson, Peyton Trickel, Leah Emmerson, Morgan Calcagno

Coaches Quote- Gehrke says, “We’re a young team that is growing every week. Proud of how they have continued to work hard, the future is very bright.” 


Girls Tennis- 

Coach Name- Eric Strandberg

Record- 9-3

Key Players- Natalie budge, Sophie Bier, Kari Moffit

Coaches Quote- Strangberg states, “We got better every match, and are excited for the district tournament.” 



Coaches Name- Rod Heiser, Anthony Loders, Rocky Grandjean, Chandler Michael, Garland Porter

Record- 3-4 League, 8-11 Overall

Results- 10 Mount Hood Conference District placers, Four State Qualifiers- Boaz Amadio, Noah Vadermeer, Andrew Collins, Dylan Howell, All State 6th place finish- Andrew Collins, Academic 6A All-State Top 10 Wrestling Team- 7th