Bittersweet Moments


Eli Leadham

Eli Leadham and his prom date are ready for a night of fun!


As the class of 2022 is moving onto the next chapter of their life, we ask quite a few seniors what their favorite memories from the last four years have been here at Barlow. 


Kaitlyn Moldovan: “My favorite memory is going to be graduation because then I never have to see anyone again. One of my most memorable memories is the last day of school before everything got shut down. I remember all the jokes about Covid and how no one took anything serious. I also remember the boys basketball playoff game getting canceled and how sad everyone was only to later find out we got two weeks of spring break.” 


Eli Leadham: “It’s probably obvious, but I really loved senior prom. Although the room we were in was really small and hot, it kinda was imperfect in the perfect way. What I mean is that prom would’ve felt weird if everything went normal because the last four years at Barlow have been anything but normal. So my friends and I just had the most fun we could dancing in the room we were in. For my most memorable memory, it’s honestly when we came back to in-person learning for the last quarter of junior year after online school. Although it wasn’t anything special, seeing old faces for the first time in almost two years and resuming conversations as if nothing had happened was really something that I can’t quite describe.” 


Alina Estrada: “My favorite memory from the last four years at Barlow would have to be doing the Newsies Musical. I tried something new my senior year and absolutely loved it. Playing pep band and dancing at football game halftimes are my most memorable experiences. On Friday’s I felt so excited all day and when I got to dress up in my uniform I felt so much school spirit.” 


Evan White: “One of my favorite memories from the last four years ws the girls basketball playoff games this last year. I went to three of their games in a row and it was an amazing experience. I loved watching all the girls I used to play with and the games were so fun to attend. One of my most memorable moments in high school would be my senior prom. I only got one prom in high school so I think I’m going to remember that fun night for some time.”


Yamato Uptegrove: “My favorite memory was making the semi finals for football sophomore year because I had a very special friend group of seniors to look up to and for it to be Mr. Summerfields last year, I thought that was pretty special.” 


Peyton Hull: “I think my favorite memories have to be getting my hair and makeup done before each show. It’s the subtle reminder that “hey you are doing this and, you’re putting on a show,” but also time to joke around and hangout  with some friends you don’t normally see in a school day. I think my most memorable memory was freshman year. My friends and I would sit at the table at lunch and just make jokes about each other and things going on in our life and play fun games. Even though it’s a simple memory, it’s one I remember most vividly.” 


Marlene Lopez: “By far, senior year is so memorable because all my friends were able to drive and being away from each other for so long, this last year was bittersweet. My favorite memory was skipping class to go get boba after AP exams with my friends.” 


Kamden Doreing: “My favorite memory would have to be senior night for football because football was a big part of my high school career. My most memorable memory would be being in the student section for basketball games because it feels so good to have everyone together cheering for Barlow.”


Kalyn Roussos: “Football games! My favorite part of Barlow was always the football games. Dressing up for themes, when the band plays the Fight Song when we make a touchdown, and hanging out with friends was always the highlight of my week. My most memorable memory was going to Shari’s after football and basketball games with my friends. I got close with a lot of people from those nights and it was always a lot of fun.”


Biz Springer: “My favorite memory is when I’m about to sing the National Anthem for Barlow events and the crowd cheers when Mr. Colmer announces my name. My most memorable memory is when I was a freshman and I won musical chairs during the freshman orientation; it was such a bittersweet moment.” 


Ethan Lavin: “My favorite memory from the last four years at Barlow is shutting out Gresham in football for the first rivalry game back with the crowd. My most memorable memory is sophomore quarter finals for football when former Barlow student, Carter Baggs, got the winning interception.” 

High school is the place where you make new friends, learn who your real friends are, stay up until 11:59 pm to finish the essay you procrastinated, dress up for spirit weeks, make connections with teachers, watch the last home football game of the season, go through heartbreaks, and decide whether or not you want to go to the school dances. Cherish the moments you have because you never know what may happen next.