Senior’s advice to Freshmen



Seniors offer their wisdom to underclassmen

Melisa Sanchez, Staff Writer

The school year is coming to an end and that means the seniors are leaving and new students are coming in. Before seniors leave there are some that would like to leave some advice to the incoming freshman. 


Sophie Bier– “I would say a piece of advice would be to get involved in activities. It’s a great way to meet new people.”


Kylee Edgerly– “Don’t be afraid to try new things. It’s important to give things that interest you a chance, even if your other friends aren’t. If you want to be a part of a theater audition! If you want to play baseball try out! Don’t let the fear of what other people or even what your friends think, stop you from trying something that interests you.”


Hudson Pate– “Go to every sporting event you can. It’s always a great way to connect with new people and also realize that you should be yourself and not care about what other people think. Mainly high school is really not as scary and stressful as you think so just be excited for it.”


Ella Anderson– “Give your mercy and time to grow. High school can be fun, but stressful, so take time for yourself when you need it. Remember to go to class and do your homework. You can get behind really fast even if you miss a couple days, so if you do miss make sure you ask your friends and teachers what happened in class.”


Yamato Uptegrove– “Don’t be afraid to fail. Making mistakes is normal and sets you up for success as you become an upperclassman.”


Hans Nathaniel– “High school is unpredictable. You won’t know what to expect the next day until it happens. A lot of things can happen and you will go through a lot of experiences you have not encountered before. One thing that helped me survive high school is that I surrounded myself with people that can help me. My peers gave me resources that I needed to be able to go through everyday without having to worry about tomorrow. Popularity is nothing in high school like the movies made out to be. You don’t need to be one of the cool kids in order to enjoy high school. Quality over quantity is one thing I always remember when it comes to choosing friends. Surround yourself with people who can help you be successful because afterall you’re in high school to prepare for the real world, to be successful and have fun while learning. Get to know the staff members. They will be a huge help for you throughout the whole four years you’ll spend with them. They are there to help. All you gotta do is ask. And lastly, enjoy. High school can be stressful but there is more to look forward to such as football games, basketball games, assemblies, dances and more! Don’t let the fear stop you from having fun. At the end of the day, you’re gonna be just fine.”


Toby Neighorn– “Try new sports and new hobbies because this is your time to see what you’re passionate for.”


Danny Sanchez– “Don’t skip Heiser’s class and talk to everyone.”


Peyton Hull– “Keep pursuing what makes you happy. Join a club, sport, or activity. Finding a family somewhere to connect with will make your high school experience ten times better. If you’re good at something keep that confidence up and never quit. Your talents are appreciated and the world wants to see what you can offer.” 


Jake Fay– “Show up and get your work done on time and high school will be eastbound.”


Harmony Main– “Don’t risk your education over stupid things. That stupid thing will always be there and educateion wont, so take advantage of it while you can.”


Jaden Rai– “Don’t procrastinate your work, and be yourself.”


Riley Slyter– “Don’t stop in the middle of the hallways to talk to your friends. It annoys the crap out of people and it’s honestly disrespectful, and be yourself, don’t change for others to like you because in the end it’s not worth it. Most of these people won’t be by your side after high school and the emotions and mental health mindset you have after changing yourself for others to like you leaves you feeling unsatisfied and uncomfortable. Peer pressure is a real thing. Don’t think that you have to do something that someone else is telling you too. Choices carry consequences and it will affect you in the future.”


Kohana Eki– “School and school work is important, but it is also important to find balance in your life. Taking time to do things that you are passionate about should be a priority. By taking time to do things that make you happy, you are fueling growth. Although school can be stressful at times. Allowing yourself to keep up with your hobbies will create balance in your life.”