Top 10 Hikes with Swimming Spots for this Summer



The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful hikes.

  1. Silver Falls is a state park in Oregon, located near Silverton. With breathtaking views and many different hikes and trails located throughout, it offers 10 different waterfalls and swimming pools at the end of the trails as well. 
  2. Guy W. Talbot is a state park in the Columbia River Gorge, near Troutdale, Oregon. It’s an easy hike with lots of opportunities for swimming in the hot summer sun. Being a state park, it also provides the chance to bring friends and enjoy a picnic. 
  3. Near the Oregon coast is Oswald West State Park. It’s an easy hike up to the beach with waterfalls and tidepools. Enjoy the ocean waves on your hike as well.  
  4. Next up is a gorgeous Latourell Falls Trailhead. Located in Corbett, Oregon, it gives you a small pool to put your feet into to swim until you continue to hike up to the waterfall. 
  5. Wahclella Falls is a waterfall along Tanner Creek, a tributary of the Columbia River. Offering amazing views of the Northwest, it also gives you the opportunity to swim. 
  6. In Milwaukie, Oregon, you can find the awesome Elk Rock Island. It gives you many trails leading to rivers, and camping is allowed as well. 
  7. Sandy River Park located in Sandy, Oregon, is a hike along the river that you can also swim in. Through the forest, it is nothing short of beautiful. 
  8. Oneonta Gorge is a scenic gorge located in the Columbia River Gorge area in Oregon. It offers plenty of trails and excellent places to swim. 
  9. In West Linn, Oregon, is Swift Shore park, a small beach with a nice swimming hole and good vibes. 
  10. Lastly is Lewis and Clark state recreation site in Troutdale, Oregon. With plenty of swimming holes and trails, it makes for awesome memories.  


Get out and explore, Bruins!