Staff Leaving Barlow



We bid farewell to some of our favorite teachers.

Tatum Louthan, Staff Writer

These past few years have been very stressful for everyone, and the events have caused burnout for a lot of people, including students and teachers. This year, Barlow has gained many wonderful teachers, and just like the school gained, it is also losing a handful of great teachers and staff. Sherry Gustafson, who teaches PD 1 and 2 and has been teaching at Barlow for over 20 years, is retiring this year. Gustafson has also coached the girl’s golf team here at Barlow. Many teachers in Barlow’s math department are not returning. Scott Overby, who is one of our many math teachers, is returning to Germany. Also, a part of our math department, Alejandra Garcia is also not returning to Barlow next year. Others such as Julie Pettis and Eric Benvenuti are still unsure of what they will do next year. Assistant Kelly Hart will also not be at Barlow next year. Another wonderful teacher leaving is Kerri Bures, who teaches science.

 Although Barlow is losing a handful of educators and staff, a couple of teachers had to reapply to teach next year, such as Andrea Moffat and Cathy Shaddix. They have been hired again and we are so happy to see that they will be returning to Barlow. Other teachers have said they will not be returning but it has not been confirmed yet. Our Barlow staff and teachers are all amazing and you should make sure to thank them for all they have done. Even though we love to have all these wonderful teachers here at Barlow, there are many great opportunities for our teachers and we wish them the best of luck with whatever next year brings them.