Fall Essentials


Gilmore Girls is Fall.

Lylee Anderson, Staff Writer

Fall. My favorite time of the year, besides winter. I know what you’re thinking. What exactly do you like about fall? The rain? School? How the leaves fall from the trees? The clothes? Halloween? Thanksgiving? And the answer is yes. I LOVE FALL. 

For those of you who don’t like fall, I have a few suggestions for you. Try these ten ways to get ready for fall and you might warm up to it. These small things might get you to like fall a little bit more. And to those of you who still hate fall afterwards, maybe I can try with winter. 


  1. Get some fall-aesthetic clothes. 

Some people don’t like fall because they aren’t in sync with the aesthetic. Part of that would be getting fall aesthetic clothes, whatever that may mean to you. For me, it is fuzzy socks, rain boots, neutral colored clothing, and some cute fall accessories. For others it could be dark colored clothes or very colorful socks. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  1. Put together a fall playlist.

Make a new fall playlist full of your favorite songs and artists that just make you think of fall. The songs don’t even have to be in the same genre or come from the same artist. Whatever makes you FEEL fall. 

  1. Restart everyone’s favorite fall show, Gilmore Girls. 

Whether you have watched it 17 times or have never even heard of it, you NEED to watch it. It is THE fall show to watch. And, before you ask, it is a pretty girly show, but I think if you give it a chance you could really like it. If you don’t, well that’s okay I guess. Just find YOUR fall show.

  1. Organize a little bit. 

Personally, I love to organize things when I feel a new season coming. I usually will organize my room, my clothes, my desk, and my backpack, but you organize whatever you feel like organizing. I like to clean whenever I feel like my life’s a little unorganized. SO when school starts I get this uncontrollable need to clean. I suggest you clean too. It is a pretty nice stress reliever for me.

  1. Find some books to read.

I know, BOOKS, who reads anymore? Well surprisingly, a lot of people read. I love to read. Especially when school starts. It gets me in a learning mood. Depending on what book you pick you could cure a lot of boredom in your life as well. 


THE fall essential is candles. Especially pumpkin, fall, cinnamon, etc. All of those smells that just make you think of the fall you should buy. I know that some people get headaches from certain candles. Try to avoid the flower smelling candles and you should be good. 

  1. Decorations.

Whether you decorate an entire house or just your room, you should definitely have some fall decorations. Some of these decorations could include fake pumpkins, “dead” looking fake leaves, and candles. These can brighten up your room in a fall looking way.

  1. Spend time outside.

Yes, I know, it is windy and cold and raining. However, spending time outside during the fall days can help with your mood. When you are stuck inside for months, in mostly dark and gloomy rooms, it can get kind of depressing. Go on walks, ride a bike, or just sit outside. You have no idea how much that can improve your mood.

  1. A fall drink.

This can be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, energy drinks, anything. Personally I like coffee and hot chocolate, but whatever floats your boat, you should drink it. Pick a drink that just makes you happy and feel fall. It can be a hot drink, cold drink, iced, canned, bottled, whatever. As long as you like it.

  1. Friends.

If you don’t have friends, put yourself out there. If you want you can be my friend, I need some too. Friends can make this season a lot more fun. With football, homecoming, and all the fun fall things, friends make that so much better. I recommend that if you have friends but they are toxic, drop them. Stay out of the drama. It is not worth it. Find friends you can have fun with. 


I hope this helped with whatever Scrooge thing you got going on with fall. The fall can be so much fun if you have all the essentials and are ready. School can be a bummer, but don’t let it get you down. I’m not saying ignore your school work, try to keep your grades up, but don’t think that just because you have to learn that you can’t have any fun. Have a great fall!