Suicide Prevention Month


Adina Kiriac

See a counselor if you need help.

Ever since 2003, September has been National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a rising problem in youth today. With suicide being the second leading cause of death in teens, you can see more and more how it affects the country. Suicide Prevention Month is the month where people can spread awareness and how suicide has affected them. 

Suicide is an extremely difficult topic for people to have conversations about. Most people often feel scared about opening up about it, but having that conversation with people you feel comfortable with can help you cope with what you are going through. 

Everyone is going through something different in their life. You can never fully understand, but being there for your friends can be very helpful. Just listening to someone talk about their feelings and thoughts can be beneficial to you both. 

There is always a sign that someone may be thinking about killing themself. It might be them fixating, talking or making a lot of jokes about death or killing themself. Or when someone suddenly changes from being in a really depressive episode, to being very happy and calm.

There are more major signs that someone may be thinking of, or planning to, kill themself like, major changes in sleeping and eating patterns with no reason, giving away personal belongings, they stop getting excited over the things they really love, or saying goodbye to friends and family. 

If you notice these signs in someone, asking about them might help them feel like they aren’t alone. When someone is getting to the point of where you think they might kill themselves, you should always try to find a trusted adult. That trusted adult might be able to get them the support or help they need. A trusted adult can be someone like a teacher, family friend, or someone they feel comfortable around. 

Offering support or connecting them with those who can help with what they are going through is another great way to prevent suicide. Also, connecting with a 24-hour helpline can be a great way to communicate with someone. 

Sometimes you can do all of these things, but it’s still not enough. If that happens, make sure to contact a trusted adult. Suicide can be preventable, but there is only so much a person can do. Suicide can never be blamed on one person. There are many different factors that contribute to it. It is never your fault. You can try your best and sometimes your best isn’t enough. You can not blame yourself for someone else’s actions. 

Everyone is going through something, and sometimes those things can lead to a dark place, but being there for others when they are in desperate need of it can help save someone’s life. 

Ms. Louvin said, “One thing that people can do is hang out with your friends and disconnect from other things.” 

If you or someone close to you are  having thoughts of suicide, you are not alone. If you find yourself or someone close to you in need of someone to talk to,  please contact a trusted adult or set up a meeting with Ms. Louvin. 

There are also many lifelines that can provide help. For example; the Crisis Text line is somewhere you can go if you are in crisis you can text CONVO to 741741

Additionally, calling or texting 988 or going to can get you to those higher up like first responders if you feel you are a danger to yourself or someone you love is a danger to themself. Lastly, the Trevor Project has a confidential phone support line for LGBTQ+ youth at 1(866)488-7386. All of these resources are free and available 24/7.