The Milwaukee Cannibal

Dahmer becomes a part of popular culture

Dahmer becomes a part of popular culture

Jeffery Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, is a name that is widely recognized. Recently, a show on Netflix called “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story” became immediately popular. People’s reactions to the show were very surprising, and here’s why.

Many people started to make jokes about Dahmer pretending to be him and saying very rude things, or even making fun of the victims and their families. Someone even made a trend out of him that consisted of someone saying that a man hurt them and then showed a scene from the show of him cooking somebody. Many participated in this “trend” while on the other hand others started a different “trend” saying if you participated in the first place then you’re messed up. A lot of people are trying to ban those who even did it or started it.

The first two weeks the show was out, people were posting certain clips and scenes of the show making comments about how they feel so much for the families of the victims. Others posted comparing videos of the actors that played everyone and the actual people that were involved withDahmer. 

A large number of people were making disgusting comments saying the victims were overrated and the families were overreacting. In the show, it showed Dahmer in jail in the year of 1991 and him getting money and fan letters. There are a few individuals who idolize Dahmer, saying how he had his reasons and they felt bad for him. I mean, his childhood was bad but I don’t feel bad for him, as he got older and started to project his anger and himself by using others the way he did. Anyone who was standing up for him online was very headstrong and stubborn about their approach to the situation. The show in general was a 10/10 recommendation. It helps you understand the real dangers of our world and be more aware and careful of who you meet and what you do. The show goes over the night he got caught and went to prison, his childhood, the backstories of the victims and their families, it also goes over his prison life and how he died. The show can be triggering though; if you are super sensitive and easily grossed out, I don’t recommend watching it.