Keeping up with the…. Lesbians?


The drama is on!

Tymber Sandvig, Staff Writer

On TikTok, lestopia has recently exploded, leaving the lesbian TikTok community flabbergasted. But what is lestopia? Lestopia is the name given to the lesbian TikTok community, seemingly run by a TikToker named Kales. Known for her lesbian TikTok drama content and Gaylor conspiracies, Kales’ TikTok account has recently blown up. Lately, we are being faced with the lesbian breakup curse, where after a breakup with Fletcher and her ex-girlfriend in 2020 and the release of “Becky’s So Hot” seems to have spiraled into the breakup of beloved WLW influencer couples.


Shannon, a 30-year-old actress, photographer, and YouTuber began dating Fletcher, a 28-year-old queer pop musician around 2017. Their relationship was kept relatively private. They quarantined together during the beginning of the pandemic but broke up in 2020. On the 12th of July, Fletcher posted a snippet of her new song “Becky’s So Hot.” Shannon’s new girlfriend Becky posted a photo of her in a vintage T-shirt which Fletcher liked. She seemingly felt more passionately than we thought because in the song she says “Becky’s so hot in your vintage t-shirt.” This song riled up gaytok and set off a stream of lesbian drama that has now found the name, “The Lesbian TikTok Curse.” 


Sedona and Rylee AKA “the tall and short couple” went “official” on March 10, 2021. They announced their breakup after a year of dating on July 31st, 2022. Their fans, who were bewildered by the breakup, were met with more shock as Sedona posted a Snapchat about Rylee claiming she traumatized her. When Rylee quickly shot back in TikTok comments saying Sedona cheated on her twice, Sedona posted a response in a TikTok admitting to cheating when they were on a “break” and then accused Rylee of “emotional” cheating. 

Jojo Siwa came out in January of 2021 in a TikTok to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Jojo started dating Kylie Prew in February of 2021. They dated for nine months before breaking up in October of 2021 by stating that the relationship was “wrong person, right time” and that they were still best friends. A hint of reconciliation was given by Siwa in an interview in April 2022. This was confirmed weeks later when Jojo took her on a Disney date, the location Jojo takes all her ladies to. By August 2022, Prew revealed they had once again called it quits and Jojo was on to her next Disney date with a new girl.


Avery and Soph started dating in July 2020, and after two years of being an influencer WLW couple, they called it quits by releasing public breakup statements on their Instagram on August 3, 2022. Jojo had previously been friends with Avery and Soph before their breakup, and five days after the breakup Avery and Jojo posted a “best friend” mukbang  (a trend where influencers film theirselves eating banquet size food portions). In the said video, Avery eats blue ice cream, in the next clip a blue kiss mark is seen on Jojo’s cheek. The whole video raises suspicions with the flirty looks and actions.  The comments reflect the confusion leading to the question “Did Avery cheat on Soph with Avery?” On the 17th of August, Soph posted a breakup TikTok on her account with the caption “maybe in another life.” This confirmed they were still on good terms, whereas Avery also posted a breakup TikTok that was less sentimental and more clarifying on the status of their friendship, which in time would be completely corrupted. 


People started noticing Avery adopting the child-like traits of Jojo Siwa as she started wearing more glitter. On the 24th of August, Jojo and Avery posted a transition TikTok where they wore matching outfits and were in a hotel. People in the comment section noticed suitcases on only one bed and the other one left empty. Speculation on how close of “besties” they were arose from there. On the twelfth of September, the couple seemingly went “official” with a TikTok of them at Chuck-E-Cheese in the photo booth, which includes a photo of them kissing. This was followed by Avery staying at Jojo’s for weeks on end. On the 19th of September, there was a lesbian influencer party in Los Angeles. The environment there must have been interesting as it included people such as Jojo, Avery, Soph, Soph’s new fling, Mak, Mattea, OnlyJayus, Mattie, and more. Controversy flooded from that party as Jojo, Avery, Mak, Mattea, and Mattie posted a video with only Jayus who is known as a racist. Why does she have a platform? That’s a question for another day. Mattie has dated Only Jayus since November 2021, and this was seemingly unknown as shock passed through comment sections. Cancel culture briefly followed as everyone’s anger seemed to rise. 


Onto positive gay news: Madonna came out as gay with a TikTok! Julie and Camilla are married and are working on making a baby through IVF. Caitlin and Leah are pregnant (through IVF) and Caitlin is currently 7 months pregnant.