Lockdowns on the rise


Sandy is among the many schools experiencing false calls.

Phoebe Busiek, Staff Writer

Recently, there has been a spike in false lockdowns. There were at least 113 instances of these fake alerts across 19 states between September 13th and October 5th. At Sandy High School on October 4th at 12:45pm, the students were alerted of a “threat.” Some students went to Starbucks, Goodwill, and Wendys, while some had to stay in the building. Most of the students were scared and trembling.


The students found out it was fake right after it ended. “I was upset and angry. Lockdowns always mess with my anxiety, so bordering on an anxiety attack all for a fake lockdown made me a little annoyed,” said Sophie Eaton, a sophomore at Sandy High School. Students have been very wary at school and always want to be prepared. Everyone came back into the school and some teachers acted like nothing happened. Some students felt like it wasn’t fair that after such a traumatic experience they should have had to continue school that day.


A similar thing happened at East High School in Denver, Colorado on September 19th. They didn’t know if it was a real threat or not at the time. Ainsley Oliver, a Freshman at East High School said, “I was very upset that the students, teachers, and safety officers had to go through with all of that work for something that wasn’t even real.” She also added that it is something that she will always remember. Matthew Fuller, teacher at East High School said they went out of the building and were on the football field for two hours.


These fake alerts are very scary not just for students but for teachers as well. This has happened too many times and it’s scary that we have to prepare so much for a shooting in a world like this.