‘Mary Poppins’ flies into Barlow


Jeffery Schroeder

Mary Poppins was a smash hit at Barlow

Kira Hodgson, Staff Writer

Mary Poppins, directed by Mr. Jeffrey Schroeder, is Sam Barlow’s first play of the 2022/2023 school year! The student starring in the play is Mia Williams as Mary Poppins! This play was held at the Sam Barlow auditorium through November 11th – 19th.


Freya Scroggs-Sheehan, a sophomore, who plays Neleus, a Customer, Toy and Sweep. “I like my character, my character is really cool, I really like Neleus. He’s a statue that comes to life and he dances and I really love dancing as you know,” said Scroggs-Sheehan. 


Another cast member in the play is Jade Matheny, a freshman, who plays as a Customer, Toy, Sweep and Park Stroller. “I’m looking forward to playing a toy in the play,” stated Matheny.


Even though there were a few small technical difficulties, the play was really good! Mary Poppins (Williams) was fantastic! Her vocal range is very impressive. The song “Feed The Birds” was a crowd favorite from the play; it is a beautiful song and it was sung beautifully! 

The dance scenes were also fun to watch, another crowd favorite had to be the Sweep scene. The sets and props were well done; they were simple yet creative. Also, the costume designs were great too, they were pretty and lots of them were quite colorful.


Neil Simon’s “Rumors” is going to be Sam Barlow’s next play that will happen on April 27th – 30th in 2023. Make sure to reserve your tickets at sambarlowtheatre.com!