Last-Minute Gifts that don’t seem Last-Minute


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Find the perfect gift!

Well, it’s that time of year again when we start meticulously planning out what Holiday gifts we will give to our beloved friends and family, with loads of time to order or go out and get the giftsor so we think. But life happens and we end up waiting until the last minute yet again, and are left with limited time and options for presents. If you find yourself scrambling year after year or just want some easy gifts for anyone, this list may help you out.


  1. Bath salts– Everyone needs to relax sometimes and these do a great job with that
  2. Fuzzy socks– A top-tier gift if you ask me
  3. Chocolate and flowers– A thoughtful gift you can enjoy and eat
  4. Makeup– A pack of lip gloss or a diversely-colored eyeshadow palette is a safe bet
  5. Bath and Body Works products– Not only do they have the best holiday collections but often have great deals
  6. Boots– Uggs are a great style choice this Christmas
  7. Leggings– You can never have enough
  8. Candles– Can be cheap, found anywhere, low-risk gift
  9. Nail polish– Found anywhere, cheap
  10. Diffuser– Maybe some essential oils to go with
  11. A new wallet– A Bellroy Slim Wallet is a good option
  12. Joggers/sweatpants– Can find a pair at Nordstrom, Amazon, etc. 
  13. Beanie– A closet essential, especially Carhartt 
  14. Travel suitcase/bag– For someone on the go
  15. Sporting event tickets– would be fun to get for yourself and a group of friends
  16. Gaming headset– Amazon
  17. Jersey from their favorite team– They’ll definitely use this
  18. Funny shirts– The Office, The Simpsons, etc. 
  19. Body spray pack– Axe, Old Spice, etc.
  20. Pack of an energy drink– RedBull, Bang, etc.
  21. Slippers– A necessity, especially in winter
  22. Picture frame– Who wouldn’t cherish a lovely frame with a picture of you and them?
  23. Coffee gift cards-*cough cough* Starbucks *cough cough*
  24. Tumblers/water bottles– An essential for the dehydrated people in your life
  25. Hammock– Okay, maybe not for Oregonians in the Winter, but still a great gift
  26. Puzzle books– Twist your loved ones’ minds
  27. Puzzles– A Christmasy one maybe
  28. Games– From Codenames to Exploding Kittens, there’s a game for anyone in your life
  29. Art supplies– For the artist in your life
  30. Airpods– For the music lover or the workout lover
  31. Chocolate– Seriously, who wouldn’t love to get chocolate!?
  32. Portable speaker– Great for so many occasions
  33. Subscription box– Quick to sign up for, lots of options for your giftee
  34. Cookie cutters– These could be festive ones for Christmas
  35. A book– A bestseller that’s really popular is safe
  36. Notebooks/pens– Found everywhere
  37. Mugs– Perfect for cocoa or coffee in the middle of winter
  38. Pajama pants– A good gift for anyone on your list
  39. Cute signs for home– These are everywhere nowadays 
  40. Blankets– You can never have enough
  41. Workout equipment– Dick’s, Big5, etc.
  42. Ornament– Awesome for anyone, lots at Target
  43. Sunglasses– Always good to have a pair 
  44. Robe– Easy to find, wonderful present
  45. Stickers for water bottles– Fred Meyer, Tilly’s, Amazon,…
  46. Phone case– Marshalls always has some basic ones for your friend who’s constantly dropping their phone
  47. Hot cocoa kit: Mug, cocoa, candy canes, marshmallows, whipped cream, cute and easy to put together
  48. Gum– A good stocking stuffer
  49. Movie theater gift card– Excellent for someone who loves movies 
  50. Movie night kit– Netflix subscription, popcorn, blanket, candy, soda
  51. Chapstick pack– Uncomplicated but effective
  52. Money– Basic, but you can’t go wrong with a little cash
  53. Take a family member or friend out to dinner– They’ll appreciate the gesture
  54. Gardening tools– A helpful gift that’ll surely be utilized
  55. Personalized things from Walgreens– Pick up the next day, perfect for last minute, variety of options like a photobook
  56. World Market– Just about anything from there is a solid gift
  57. Funny magnets– A lovely go-to
  58. A blanket you wear-I  got a Comfy last Christmas and it’s amazing
  59. Gloves– Great for the season
  60. Karaoke mic– Karaoke party!