Advice for this Holiday Season

Jeslyn Acred, Staff Writer

During this holiday season with all of the gifts, places to go, and family members coming into town, we all need some advice that could help make this holiday season great.


“How to give great gifts”: Gift-giving is one of the hardest things to do this holiday season. The key to gifting a good gift is making your gift personal and something that you think they will enjoy. Could be anything from a homemade gift to even a shirt that you think they would like. But if worst comes to worst, you can’t go bad with a good pair of socks. 


“How to help my family get along this holiday season”: During this holiday season family comes in and sometimes not everyone sees eye to eye. One way to have your family get along is to try to be nice and kind to them. Even though they might get on your nerves, keeping your cool is one of the best things to do. Maybe try getting some stuff they’d like just to keep everyone in a happy mood. 


Should I go to the dance with my boyfriend even though he didn’t ask me to?”: Maybe talk to him about it. If you feel hurt about him not asking, communicate that to him. Communicating is one of the best things to do in your relationship. When you both know what the other is feeling, you guys can work together to make each other happy. 


“How to stay motivated”: During the winter season, it’s easy to not be motivated. With it being dark most of the time, it’s hard to be fully motivated to do basically anything. One trick to staying motivated is trying to set a schedule for yourself. Think about all of the things you have to do and try to follow them. Maybe give yourself an incentive for every task that you finish. Another trick is to try to do things that make you happy. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to make sure that you’re in a good mood. Just being in a good mood could make everything better and easier to do. 


“How to decorate my room for the holidays”: One way you can decorate it is by getting little lights that you can put up around your room. Depending on what holiday you celebrate, maybe get something that represents the holiday in a small way, for example, getting a mini Christmas tree or getting a menorah. Getting little decorations to put up around your room can make your room become an amazing and festive space. 

“How to be happy single?”: Being single can be a good thing. It shows you that you can grow and become an amazing person without the help of someone else. You have to learn how to love yourself before you can love someone else. Just because it may seem like everyone is in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be in one. Being by yourself can help you grow and be better for someone in the future.