Tim Burton’s Wednesday Brings a Twist on a 1991 Classic

Wednesday puts a good twist on a classic movie.


Wednesday puts a good twist on a classic movie.

Tatum Louthan, Social Media Editor

On November 23, 2022, the new show Wednesday made its debut on Netflix. This show came from the mind of Tim Burton, and starred Jenna Ortega as Wednesday.  A twist on the classic 1991 The Addams Family movie, Wednesday follows Wednesday Addams at her time at a new school, where she is troubled with solving the mystery that haunted her parents during their time at Nevermore. The first season has 8 episodes. 

I believe that this show has the essence of Tim Burton; the storyline, characters, and their mannerisms. The show was filmed in Romania in the city Busteni and took place from September 2021 to March 2021. The majority of scenes took place at the Cantacuzino Castle serving as the fictional school Nevermore. They could not have picked a better location to film, the scenery and rustic look really added to the overall vibe of the show. Another stylistic element was the color contrast throughout the show. Wednesday always wears black and white, while everyone else is never seen wearing black. This really makes Wednesday stand out, you can see this in Wednesday’s room that she shares with her color loving werewolf roommate Enid, played by Emma Meyers. The town of Jericho is very bright in contrast to Nevermore and when Wednesday is in Jericho she stands out even more, which I think really adds to the personality of Wednesday. 

The storyline follows Wednesday during her time at Nevermore while she is trying to solve the mysteries that have followed her parents and new mysteries arising in the town of Jericho. Along with the mysteries Wednesday is facing, you also see Wednesday engaging in very realistic teenage activities such as school dances, making new friends, and overall interacting with many people. Although Wednesday’s character is portrayed as emotionless, throughout the show you see her having more connections and interactions that make her seem more human and it makes you feel more connected to her as a character. The plot is well thought through and keeps you engaged with what’s going on. I think they picked the perfect actors to portray the characters in a way that really increased the likability of the show as a whole. For example, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday does a fantastic job at playing this character and they could not have cast someone better for that role.

I feel like this show put a good twist on a classic movie. Even I had my doubts about how good this show actually would be and if I would even like it and I ended up loving it. I would recommend that everyone watch this show.