Date Ideas



A picnic is a great date option!

Kira Hodgson, Staff Writer

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the season of love encourages relationships of any kind (platonic or romantic)  to strengthen their relationship, here are a few ideas you can do for dates!

  • Picnics

Since Winter is slowly turning into Spring and blossoms are starting to bloom, having a picnic would be perfect! You can enjoy the warmth of the sun, nature, and the company of your friends or significant other

  • Going To The Beach

Another idea to do during the Spring is going to the beach. You can watch the sun set and rise, play in the water, sun bath, eat some ice cream, and if you have a pet of some sort, you can play with them and so much more.

  • Cooking/ Baking

If you don’t feel like going out to get something to eat, cooking or baking something is always great! You can spend quality time with your lover and friends while making some delicious food!

  • Movie Theater

The movie theater is a classic for a date and is always a go – to date . A few popular movies playing now are  Avatar, etc. Remember, you can always get food and treats at the theater.

  • Go To a Bookstore

If you and your significant other or friends are bookworms, you can have a date at a bookstore! You can go to Barnes & Noble at the Clackamas mall and have some coffee while looking for some books to read or, if you want to go to a bookstore that’s not too crazy, you can always go to Powell’s Books in Portland.