Legendborn Book Review



Legendborn was the first book read by the Barlow book club.

The Barlow Book Club just completed its first book! Legendborn is a fantasy book filled with demons, magic, generational secrets, and racism hidden by the Order of the Round Table. This book is made for young adults anxious to dive into another world. Bree Mathews is the main character and after the loss of her mom, she struggles to keep “after” Bree hidden from the world. She enters her journey of growth as she joins the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill in a program for bright high schoolers. Bree starts at UNC with her childhood best friend Alice and soon a rift in their friendship starts when they nearly get expelled from the school due to the police getting called for a fight that happened at a party at the quarry. Bree is introduced to a magical world and starts to discover her powers when she meets Selwyn Cane, a mage part of the Legendborn secret society, and witnesses him and another Legendborn member fight against a low-grade demon feeding off of violence from the partygoers. 

Bree discovered a possible link between the order and her mom’s death following a Mesmer she broke from the night her mom died, realizing a mage like Sel aka Selwyn was at the scene of her mom’s death. Selwyn becomes instantly suspicious of Bree after seeing her three days in a row, the first two at the scene of demon attacks, and the second at a welcoming party for the secret society. The book exhibits her character development as she hunts down the answers to who she is as a person, meets and connects with new people, and learns the truth behind her mom’s death. Bree meets Nick, a second year in the UNC early college program, starting as a peer mentor when they have a run-in with a Hellhound, Nick is the first to learn about Bree’s affinity to break Mesmer. Nick was thought to be the Scion of Arthur and later learns he is actually the Scion of Lancelot. Bree joins a secret society at UNC called the Legendborn in order to find out what happened to her mom. As a part of the secret society, Bree learns about the Legend of Arthur and the many truths behind the tale.  

Sel spends about half of the book constantly talking down to and about Bree. Knowing something was off; he consequently discovers her powers such as the ability to break Mesmer, aether affinity, and more. Bree struggles with mental health and her dad gets her into therapy with Patricia who knew Bree’s mother. Patricia told Bree that her mom was a wildkrafter, meaning her magic is tied to the earth. Not knowing this, Bree is able to learn more about her mom and what her life was like at UNC. Over the course of the book, Patricia helps Bree unlock the pieces to find out more about who she is. The book brings a realistic take from the struggles of a Black girl in a world made for rich white people into a magical book with twists within each page. If you’re interested in a new book that will help freshen your imagination and perspective, this book is perfect for you!

In light of finishing this book, the Barlow Book Club is excited to start their new book, A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. The Barlow Book Club is accepting new members at any time. They hope to have this book finished by March 7th due to the field trip they have planned on the 16th of March. The book club has been given the opportunity to go to a lecture held by Ruth Ozeki at an event called “Everybody Reads.” Join the Barlow Book Club in order to have a part in this amazing opportunity.