Movies to see in 2023


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Sneak Peak of live-action version of The Little Mermaid

This year promises some very exciting new films. Here are some of the most anticipated ones to look forward to. 


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Starring: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly 

This film also stars the one and only Bill Murray, who is best known for his role as Dr. Peter Venkmen in Ghostbusters, as something unknown. This third installment was delayed a year, but it’s now set to open in theaters on February 17th, 2023. 


Scream VI

Starring: Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega

This sequel directly ties into the characters who survived the previous film, Scream 5. The film will not include franchise star Neve Campbell, who decided not to return after she was offered less than she felt she was worth for the film. The film will follow two sisters, Sam (Barrera) and Tara (Ortega), who find themselves terrorized by Ghostface in New York City. This horrifying sequel is set to release on March 10th, 2023.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie 

Starring: Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Charlie Day, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen, Keegan-Michael Key

The most iconic brother duo ever gets a big-screen adaptation produced by the same mind who made Despicable Me and the genius who created Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto. Chris Pratt takes on the esteemed role of the red and blue overall-wearing plumber, Mario, who journeys to the Mushroom Kingdom where he encounters Toad voiced by Keegan-Micheal-Key. Anya Taylor-Joy joins the crew as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Mario’s trusty, taller sidekick Luigi, Jack Black voices Bower, and Seth Rogen is Donkey Kong. Mark your calendars for April 7th, 2023.


Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Will Poulter, Elizabeth Debicki

Most of the premise of this installment is unknown, but if there’s anything you can guess based on past movies, there’s going to be plenty of laughs and an excellent soundtrack. It is known that Will Poulter is playing Adam Warlock, after being teased at the end of Vol 2. Anticipate seeing this movie released in theaters on May 5th, 2023.


The Little Mermaid

Starring: Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, Melissa McCarthy, Javier Bardem, Daveed Diggs, Awkwafina

One of the most beloved Disney princesses earns a live-action remake with original songs from Hamilton and Moana songwriter, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Melissa McCarthy takes on the devious role of Ursula, Awkwafina as Scuttle, and Javier Bardem as King Triton. See beloved pop star Halle Bailey step into the scales as Ariel on May 26th, 2023.


Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Starring: Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Shaunette Renée Wilson

For the first time in Indiana Jones franchise history, someone not by the name of Steven Spielberg is directing a film. James Mangold attempts to fill Spielberg’s big shoes in this long-awaited follow-up to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). Don’t worry though, Harrison Ford returns to reprise his phenomenal role on June 30th, 2023.


Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning, Part One

Starring: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Vanessa Kirby, Henry Czerny

After being delayed to 2023, M:1 7 will be out on July 14th. After a whopping 27 years of playing Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise continues to perform all of his own stunts.



Starring: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling

This top-tier duo takes on director Greta Gerwig’s vision of the most famous doll ever who gets banished from Barbieland and ends up in our world. 


The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Starring: Rachel Zegler, Hunter Schafer, Tom Blyth, Jason Schwartzman

Coming to theaters on November 17th, 2023 by the original Hunger Games director, Francis Lawrence, the story focuses on young Coriolanus Snow and his involvement in the Hunger Games as a mentor long before the events of the original. Grab the book in the library to read before you see this feature film.

Honorable mentions: Legally Blonde 3, (TBD), The Marvels (July), Fast X (May), Oppenheimer (July), Dune: Part Two (November), Wonka (December).