Barlows Golden Hour



Students dancing through the night at prom

Tatum Louthan, Social Media Manager

Barlow’s Golden Hour-themed prom was held at Portland State University (PSU) for Upperclassmen. The Barlow leadership classes and April Anderson organize and plan school events. The PSU Ballroom was lit with flashing lights and had music from the DJ stand. People could take pictures in a beautifully-decorated picture room. There were also baked goods and refreshments for students attending the event.

 Along with the indoor portion of the venue, there was also a balcony where students attending could get fresh air, take pictures, enjoy the view, and get some space. There was lots of indoor seating where guests attending could socialize and rest their feet, and enjoy outdoor seating. The balcony overlooked a brightly-lit corridor on the PSU campus.

Throughout the night, volunteers helping out with prom went around with a QR code to vote for prom court nominees. Nearing the end of the night, they announced the 2023 prom court as Alyssa Stumbo and Silas Bjugan, Olivia Payne And Micah Perry, and Kennedie Shuler and Tanner Norton, with Stumbo and Bjugan winning prom royalty titles of Queen and King. 

Lucy Crecelius and Niko Bradford (Tatum Louthan)
Cole Patrick and Ashley Tracy (Tatum Louthan)
Korynn Dow and Connor Ollila (Tatum Louthan)
Lindsey Macdonald and Morgan Sorensen (Tatum Louthan)
Hailey De Leon and Kate Kiperman (Tatum Louthan)
‌Bethany Lewis and Alex Lopez (Tatum Louthan)
View of PSU Campus from Balcony (Tatum Louthan)