Student Messages to Teachers


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Barlow seniors say one last thanks to teachers.

Hannah Stickney, Staff Writer

Thanks, Gracias, Merci

The senior students were sent a survey asking if they had any teachers they wanted to give a shout out to for going the extra mile in their job. High school can be a really difficult time, but some teachers made it a little more manageable for the students. Here are what the seniors had to say about their favorite teachers.

Bailey Gayken (University of Western States): “Stewart, thank you for being my buddy.”

Emma Shively (trade school): “Mr. Phol and Oscar Rethwell. When I was struggling with school they were always the ones that encouraged me to keep trying and they always encouraged me to strive for better things and to follow my heart, they have made such a huge impact on my life.”

Ella Valt Case (community college): “MADELINE JOHNSON, thank you so much for being my best friend, you don’t know how much I appreciate being able to have such a genuine friendship and having so much fun this last year together. I can’t say thank you enough.”

Alyssa Stumbo (Biola University): “Thank you to my track and cross country coaches, Paul Quirke, Scott Jones, Jim Babson, and Jason Aleksa for always pushing me to be the best I can be and supporting me all through high school. And thank you for my family who is always there for me.”

Taylor Groza (Warner Pacific University): “I would love to thank Pohl for everything he deals with and for inspiring me to be a better writer even when I didn’t want to.”

Gisselle Chanocua Lopez (Portland State University): “I would like to thank Mr. Strandberg for sticking with me and my loud, talkative self for 4 years and always checking up on me and helping me throughout my high school experience! Much love.”

Brycen Weimer (Clackamas Community College): “Thank you Mr. Pohl for helping me write properly and helping with developing more critical thinking added from your knowledge. So far I learned the most in your classes out of all my English classes.”

Kelsey Claggett (Clackamas Community College): Thank you to everyone who has come in and out of my life. In the time you were in it, you showed who I want to be and who I don’t want to be.”

Gabe Stickney (Grand Canyon University): “I would like to thank Orzali for being a great teacher in not just 12th grade, but also 7th grade.”

Jasmine Chaco (Mount Hood Community College): Shoutout to all the cool classmates I got to know this year, without some of you this year would’ve been so much more difficult <3”

Stanislav Gamza (gap year and then Portland State University): “Mr. Phol.”

Camryn Burns (Montana State University): “Sarah Caine, Your dedication to your students is truly admirable, and I am grateful for all the extra time and effort you put in to help us succeed. Thank you for always challenging us to think outside the box and for inspiring us to be our best selves. One last thank you for making high school memorable in the short time we had there.”

Boaz Amadio: “Thank you, Pate, for giving me time to catch up on sleep”

Isabella Sanz Fino (University of Portland): “I thank Ms. Anderson the most because she has helped me a lot.”

Lilyth Hadley: “Thank you to all the teachers who understand what mental health is and how it affects people’s abilities to do school.”

Noah Maestas (Western Oregon University): “Thank you Mrs. Schroeder for making some of my favorite memories involve choir. Thank you Mr. Bridgnell for never making Chemistry a dull moment. Thank you to all of my friends doing high school with me and making these 4 years not totally miserable.”