Celebrities as High School Seniors



Chris Pratt when he was a highs school senior.

Reese Hyman, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift attended Aaron Academy where she graduated in 2008. Aaron Academy is a small private Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee. In an article by the New York Post, a creator on TikTok, Jessica McLane claims she went to high school with Swift. She says that people hated her. While they didn’t hate her because of her personality and character, they didn’t like her because of her success. While Swift was a senior in 2008, McLance was a freshman. She says that her classmates began to “hate her” when she started to become successful. McLane also explained that people were spreading rumors that Swift got her fame from her peers rather than working for it herself. Later in 2009, Swift invited the entire senior class to the CMA’s that year. McLane adds that her performances were incredible.   

Chris Pratt, the famous Guardians of the Galaxy actor, graduated from Lake Stevens High School in Washington in 1997. Before becoming the funny, loving actor many people love, he was known as the class clown to kids at his high school. Pratt was a part of the school’s wrestling team. While being a standout in wrestling, Pratt also competed in football and track. With no plans after graduation, Pratt finished with a 3.66 GPA, was voted class clown, and worked at a burger joint, according to Franco Wrestling and CNN entertainment. Clearly people loved him and he continues to be loved as a huge Hollywood star. 

Matthew McConaughey attended Longview High School in Texas, and graduated in 1988. According to Insider, McConaughey was voted most handsome in his class. He played tennis and golf at his high school and was even in the yearbook and Pan Am clubs. McConaughey took his first job in high school. He raked sand traps, starting at 3 A.M. at a country club. Sometimes he would even have to shoot and kill armadillos that were on the golf course.

Reese Witherspoon graduated from Harpeth Hall School in 1994 in Nashville. It was a private all girls school. Witherspoon would describe herself as one of the nerdy popular girls who loved to read books, and get good grades. She says that she was a big dork who read lots of books. She was a popular dork though, because she knew how to make it funny. Witherspoon was a busy high schooler according to Insider. She was on the cheerleading team and was also a part of the Spanish Club, and Amnesty International. After high school, Witherspoon went to Stanford University to get a degree in English. She later left Stanford to pursue her dream of acting. Witherspoon now has a book club, where she recommends books to not only adults, but also to teens.  

Reese Witherspoon in high school. (Classmates.com)
Matthew Mcconaughey in high school. (Classmates.com)
Taylor Swift as a High School senior. (Daily Mail)