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Giving and receiving

Russell Brandom
A thanksgiving time as a child

Thanksgiving should make us feel more than just hungry. This holiday should make us feel thankful for every person we love and have in our lives, as it was intended to.  And how should you show that? It could start off with the little things such as quality time and helping around the house. It’s not about how much money you spend on gifts. You actually don’t even have to contribute to anything at all. Giving kindness and attention, even something as small as a hug could change everything within that person’s day or even month. You never know who might need a hug nowadays. With everything  going on in the world right now, it’s important to think about other ways to celebrate this holiday. We should try to think about the times we used to have when we were children, laughing and playing with our classmates when thanksgiving break was about to show up, and the projects all of us would do for our parents, aunts, grandparents, and friends. Now we look at the prices of every little thing, how much food there will be on the table, what to wear, and what to do, when what you should be doing is supporting the family you’re with in that instant and receive the warmth Thanksgiving comes with.

  So where did the time go when it wasn’t about the gifts and the food? Where is the understanding that it’s the smiles you could give that matter? A simple, verbal ‘thank you’ rebuilds the enthusiasm in an  encounter.  You can give your attention, respect, and be generous to everybody.  Make a little something, give a friend or somebody else a hand, and listen to them when they need it. Giving someone a little attention and a treat goes a long way. Then, watch how it comes back to you.

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Lesly Ochoa
Lesly Ochoa, Staff Writer

My name is Lesly Ochoa and I am a Senior with a big “S” this year, I am looking forward to graduating and making new memories with my friends, peers etc. I enjoy reading, painting and going to concerts anytime I can. This is my first and last year in the bruin banner and I hope this year goes great.

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