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Oz-some Musical put on by Barlow Theater

Wizard of Oz cast and crew take their final bow on opening night of the musical.

On Friday, November 10th, the Barlow Theater Department held the first of six performances of their production of The Wizard of Oz. They put together a stunning show retelling the iconic story of Dorothy and her little dog. 

Walking into the theater, my eyes were immediately drawn to the yellow brick road wrapped around the orchestra pit. After taking my seat, I was able to take in what was visible of the stage set. The rainbow arching over the stage and bright flowers on either side set a tone of magic even before the show started. A few moments later, the curtains opened up to reveal the opening scene with the house, wagon, and field. Every scene change, from the tornado to the World of Oz to the Emerald City, was done professionally and seamlessly. All the props, structures, and costumes throughout the musical pulled it together to really bring Oz to life. One noteworthy moment was the Poppies’ costume change, which was done in the blink of an eye. Their vibrant red dresses flipped to reveal a whole different dress that transformed them into snow.

The students playing lead roles did a fantastic job portraying the unique characters of Oz. Ania Vilius (Dorothy) and her beautiful voice were perfect for the role. Spencer Neighorn played out the Scarecrow as though he was born for just that. Anthony Felipe’s talent shone through in his portrayal of the Tinman. The Cowardly Lion (Camden Schroeder) should be called the Comedy Lion based on the humor he added on top of his remarkable voice. The entire cast, from the Ozians to the Jitterbugs, made the musical lively and a great showcase of the cast’s skill. The Jitterbug scene was easily one of my favorite moments in the show. The Jitterbugs did crazy lifts, quick choreography, and cool partner dancing. Lily Adams was the star of this dance as she stunned the audience with her impressive tap dancing skills. Of course, I also have to mention the real star of the show, Toto, AKA Tucker Gibson, Mrs. Gibson’s lovable dog. He was the perfect fit to play Dorothy’s best bud.

The musical didn’t lack anything in entertainment value. I found myself and the rest of the audience laughing out loud many times throughout the show. Director Jeff Schroeder ensured the audience wouldn’t get bored, and he absolutely succeeded. The plot moved at a pace that wouldn’t make you wish Dorothy had just returned to Kansas already. The humor add-ins were a perfect amount. The whole execution was done professionally, making me feel like I was watching a Broadway show. This can be attributed to the backstage crew, who don’t receive nearly enough thanks for their hard work behind the curtain. Without them, the musical wouldn’t be possible. This is also true for the orchestra crew, a group of extremely talented individuals who make magic happen when they come together. It’s such a cool part of the theater to hear the live music accompanying the actors.

The astounding vocals, humorous bits, and exciting dance scenes made The Wizard of Oz a show to be remembered for a long time. One thing’s for sure: The Wizard of Oz was a 10/10 production by Barlow’s theater department. If you had a chance to witness the Emerald Enchantment in the Barlow Theater, I’m sure you’d agree.

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