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The Importance of Maintaining a Tidy School

Tatum Louthan
Remember to pick up your garbage to keep our school clean!

Have you ever walked out into the parking lot and thought to yourself, “Wow, there’s a lot of trash out here?” Many people are very aware of the trash problem, but very few people actually do stuff to prevent or clean up the trash. The trash problem affects not only the environment and the students but also the staff who pick up the trash. Mrs. Ferron is one of Barlow’s library staff and picks up a majority of the trash that ends up in the parking lots. It is easy to overlook the consequences of a seemingly small act such as littering. However, this seemingly mundane act can significantly impact our community.

When you leave garbage around our school and parking lot, it leaves more work for others to do. The custodians do a lot of unnecessary work, and students could help reduce the workload on staff by throwing their garbage in the trash can. Doing your part can save others time and energy that they spend picking up after you. Yes, it is the custodian’s job to clean up, but try to be helpful and respectful of our school and community. This additional workload strains their resources and distracts them from the more critical aspects of their job. By taking the time to pick up after themselves, students develop habits that extend past the classroom, fostering a mindset of civic responsibility and respect for shared spaces.

Not only does the trash impact our staff and students, but it affects the environment and wildlife around us. Garbage not only ruins the earth’s aesthetic appeal but also threatens ecosystems. Littering directly threatens wildlife, as animals often mistake discarded items for food or become entangled in them. Marine life is particularly vulnerable, with countless creatures falling victim to plastic pollution in oceans and waterways. Properly disposing of trash reduces the risk of wildlife ingestion, suffocation, and other tragic consequences of our negligence.

 Beyond the environmental and health impacts, littering diminishes the overall aesthetic quality of communities. An anonymous senior from Barlow says, “The parking lot is full of garbage, and it’s really gross.” Litter-strewn parking lots and commons areas convey a sense of neglect and contribute to a decline in school pride. Conversely, maintaining clean and well-kept surroundings fosters a sense of school pride and enhances students’ overall quality of education. When students leave their trash behind, it disrupts the smooth functioning of classrooms and shared spaces, creating unnecessary distractions and hindering the overall learning experience for everyone.

To help with the trash problem at Barlow, remember to throw your trash away to keep Barlow clean. Barlow has many trash cans in the hallways and common areas in every classroom, recycling bins are in many places around the school as well. Most teachers also have bins for cans. By being responsible, we contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment. Students play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and pleasant learning environment by actively participating in efforts to pick up trash.

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Hi i'm Tatum, i'm going to be a Senior and this will be my third year on the Banner. I am one of the Banners social media editors. I enjoy being outside, hanging out with my friends, and cheering.

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