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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last minute gift ideas

Many people often forget to get gifts for at least one person during the holiday season. Having to deal with school, work, sports, and everything in-between, can result in little time to think about what to get someone and leave even less time to go out shopping. 

A lot of people resort to Amazon which sells everything from clothing to kitchen equipment, and find it easy to fall into the rabbit hole of shopping online. However, there are many universal gifts one can buy for most people on their list without having to wait for shipping.

Candles are a common go-to gift in the holiday season that can be found at most stores such as Target, Walmart, and, if you’re feeling fancy, Bath and Body Works. With the many scents to choose from, you are bound to find one suited for your loved one. Remember to grab that gift receipt just in case they don’t like the scent you picked.

With the cold weather hitting Oregon, something warm is always another perfect way to go. Both soft blankets and fuzzy socks are fan favorites to wrap up in and can be found at any store that sells home essentials. You can even pair it with some DVDs or an Amazon gift card to rent movies so that your loved one can snuggle up and watch movies on those cold winter days. 

Everyone enjoys cups; Stanley cups, Starbucks cups, mugs, and many others are on everyone’s wish lists. From a new set of cups for the kitchen for the thriving adult in your life to a mug for hot chocolate for your teacher, they are a beloved staple in everyone’s cupboard. 

Another safe option that everyone is guaranteed to like is a basket of their favorite candies, chips, or other snacks. You can also pair these treats with self care items such as face masks and a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Of course, if you don’t know their favorites quite yet, a gift card to Doordash or UberEats is always a good idea.

If you’re in a relationship, gifting their favorite flowers or a new piece of jewelry can make the perfect gift. You can also opt for a picture of the two of you together, along with their favorite candy, or cute personal letter to complete this thoughtful gift. Anything that shows that you put in some effort will make it worth it. For the young children in your life, any kind of toy would work. Find what TV show they like and find something that goes along with it. Bluey has been the popular choice this year for kids of all ages. 

Gift giving can be a daunting task, especially if you are waiting until the last minute to purchase something for your loved ones. While buying something online, or at your local store is tempting, and perfect in a pinch, remember that homemade gifts are just as special. If you’re not crafty, you can bake them some cookies and give them a treat (look on page 7 for some holiday recipes). Happy holidays, Bruins!

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