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Barlow Staff and Students Take on Each Other in an Epic Volleyball Match Full of Friendly Competition

Britney Henderson
Both teams pose after the Staff vs. Student volleyball game on Monday, April 8, 2024.

Walking into the gym on Monday, April 8, 2024, the energy was buzzing as the staff and students were already divided on their respective sides of the net in preparation for the second annual Barlow Staff vs. Students Volleyball game. 

Last year, the students emerged victorious. Hoping to do the same this year, the student team was stacked with athletes familiar with other sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and swimming. Furthermore, they were coached by senior and four-year varsity volleyball athlete, Lilly Knight, who is more than familiar with volleyball. 

On the other side of the net, the staff was coached by veteran boys basketball coach, Tom Johnson, and while many teachers were just looking to have fun and avoid injuries, they were also seeking redemption. Mr. Jones attempted to intimidate the competition early on by saying, “You won’t like it when we spike it.” 

Many friendly rivalries fell beneath the lofting idea of staff against students. Specifically, senior Maggie Moffat looked forward to competing against her father and science teacher, Mr. Moffat. Maggie reports she wanted to have fun but also to be prepared and had been practicing with her teammate and best friend senior Kylie Ihrig. Mr. Moffat on the other hand had a very different goal in mind. “If I can walk off the court without limping, I have already won,” he shared.

The coin flip determined the staff would serve first, however, the students came out with an explosive energy early on that benefited them the entire set. Freshman Allison Shamoon quickly helped the students take an early lead with a string of aces. Additionally, Ihrig quickly utilized her past experience as a setter to help direct others on the court. The staff had their successes as well. Mr. Toth was an avid hitter up at the net and Mr. Pate was a clear communicator. Nonetheless, the students took the first set.

The second set started strong for the students again, but the staff refused to cave. In the front row, Mr. Jones and Mr. Collins were a dynamic hitting and blocking duo whereas Mr. Corbin and Mr. Dalzell both were strong servers keeping the teachers in the game. However, the staff came up short once more with the final score of the second set being 15-11, students over staff.

The teachers may have faced another loss, but their spirits were less than hindered as many shared wise words not just about volleyball but life in general. Mr. Dalzell recites an enthusiastic “believe” specifically noting his inspiration came from the hit TV series Ted Lasso. Mr. Collins shares a well-known favorite quote of his, “We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.”

The staff still has time for redemption as Barlow will continue staff vs. students volleyball games into the future, but for now, enjoy your well-deserved victory students.


Student coach: Lilly Knight

Players:  Liam Oltean 

Zach Groza 

Maggie Moffat 

Kylie Ihring 

Cole Christiansen 

Dylan Sheaffer 

David Friyuk 

Deondre Rehill 

Trent O’Hara 

Sophia West 

Olivia West 

Caleb Perry 

Allison Shamoon  

Staff Coach: Tom Johnson

Players:   Mr. Jones 


Mr. Strandberg 

Mr. Toth 

Ms. Spencer 

Mrs. Holiday 

Mr. Dalzell 

Mr. Pate

Mr. Peters 

Mr. Moffat 

Mr. Collins 

Mr. Bridgenell 

Mr. Corbin

Ms. Duncan

Mr. Hardy

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