ASB Seniors Share Their Experience

Elena Oommen, ASB recording secretary recaps what drew her to the student body.
Elena Oommen, ASB recording secretary recaps what drew her to the student body.
Elena Oommen

Barlow Senior, Elaina Oommen is the Assistant Student Body (ASB) Recording Secretary. Originally joining leadership to get more involved at Barlow, Oommen said she was drawn to the role because “It’s an important position for keeping the class organized and on track.” If you’re interested in the role it’s important to consider if you’re up for the task. Before you go into the position Oommen said it’s important to know, “…the job requires you to have solid organizational skills. An ASB position in general requires you to be dedicated, and you need to be willing to put in extra time.” 


Lily Knight is Sam Barlow’s Student Body President. Knight has been in leadership for three years, ASB officer for two, and was most recently the school’s publicity manager last year. When describing the ASB climate Knight described a deep sense of community within the group stating, “We are way more of a team than just a class. It has been the best part of high school for me and I couldn’t be more thankful for the class and the teacher. April [Anderson] has taught me so much about being a strong leader and positive role model and I am so thankful for her and the class.” Knight applied for the position because she loves getting involved in the school and planning events around the room exclaiming, “It has given me such incredible opportunities to serve my school and make an impact on the Barlow community.” Knight emphasizes the leadership abilities and organizational skills she learned during her time in student council that gave her confidence in her capability.


Barlow’s 2023-2024 Spirit Commissioner, Dylan Howell has been in leadership all four years of high school, three of which were on the Student Council, and this year was his first year in an ASB position. When describing his reason behind applying for the position he raved about his love for the school and continued to state, “I wanted to do some different things that I have seen in the past. Make them bigger and better. I wanted us to represent every single game. I wanted us to be the best student section in the state of Oregon and I believe we did that. ” When describing the commitment and unseen hours put into ASB Howell said, “We do some amazing things at this school and the goal is for next year what can the next class do and make it better?”


This school year Site Council Representative was Barlow Senior, Addison Kenoyer, who has been in ASB for the past two years. Kenoyer started in Class Council and moved into her current ASB position. Drawn to this role to take on a bigger responsibility, Kenoyer said, “Taking this position was a leap out of my comfort zone, but I truly did want to try something new and I never regretted this decision.” Recommending this position for open and confident individuals who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, Kenoyer says ASB has allowed her to learn about community, saying, “I learned how you could actually work with people to create real things and events. I never dreamed of how much ASB  achieved and every year I feel just as proud, if not more, at what was accomplished together.”


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