Barlow Says Goodbye to Retiring Staff

Linda Lee Frazier debriefs her job as the College and Career Coordinator before retirement.
Linda Lee Frazier debriefs her job as the College and Career Coordinator before retirement.
Linda Lee Frazier

Charyl Adams’ departure from Barlow marks the end of an era, as she retires after seven years as a production secretary at Barlow and an impressive thirty-five years within the school district. Her journey is defined by her care for the students at Barlow and her colleagues. 

Mrs. Adams’ affinity for working with Barlow’s students and staff traces back to her very start as a kindergarten education assistant. Budget cuts necessitated a shift and she branched out into production, showcasing her never-ending commitment to supporting the school community.  While reflecting on her time in the district she said her biggest milestone was, “…making it thirty-five years is a pretty big deal.” 

Mrs. Adams’ impact is felt deep within Barlow’s community. She approached Barlow with such a heartwarming passion, starting at Barlow when there was no social committee. So she began to plan all of the luncheons, special activities, classified week, and much more! When asked how she feels moving forward she said, “I hope that someone picks up that baton.” Mrs. Adams has been able to cultivate and foster a sense of camaraderie and support in Barlow’s environment.

Her advice for the person who continues in her place is, “Be prepared to have a great time, working in the TMC is the best. It’s like being at Disneyland because we get to see all of the kids and staff. We get to work with everybody which is a blessing.” Mrs. Adams had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Ingdal for twenty-seven years saying “It’s lovely to get to work with one of your best friends.” As Mrs. Adams embarks on something new her never-ending kindness and dedication will continue to resonate within Barlow’s halls for years to come. 


LindaLee Frazier

LindaLee Frazier is Barlow’s Career Coordinator and is retiring after six years at Barlow in the College and Career Center and twenty-six years in the district. Mrs. Frazier came into this position after 20 years in special education. She loved her job but said it was “time to find something new.” 

Going into this job was a completely new position. Her role as the career coordinator opened up the chance for students to learn more about the military, trades positions, and certificates offered at community colleges. Mrs. Frazier was able to “tailor” this job and create new opportunities for our students as she saw fit. She works hand-in-hand with Tia Malony to educate and guide students about career opportunities. When asked about the legacy she’d like to leave behind at Barlow, she mentioned the Fastrack pre-apprenticeship, saying it was her, “…heart and soul that I’m leaving behind, and I pray that it keeps on going well.” 

Mrs. Frazier has completely transformed this job into a wonderful resource for all students. What started as a brief outline position of doing a career fair and other small opportunities became so much more. Although retiring she said her parting thoughts for students is,  “The College and Career Center is not just for seniors. Come to learn more about your opportunities when you are a freshman and continue searching out opportunities through your senior year.” To her colleagues, she said “Remember all we do is for the future of kids. Sometimes it’s hard but if you remember why you’re doing it I think that it makes it worth it.”

Barlow will miss Mrs. Frazier. Her compassion for her students is unmatched and she is leaving big shoes to fill. We’re not just saying goodbye to a Career Coordinator but to a beacon of guidance and students navigating their path before graduation. 

Going into her new chapter, she said her plans include, “The three P’s: pickleball, painting, and paddling but also traveling.” Good luck and thank you to Mrs. Frazier! You have done so much good for Barlow, and we appreciate everything you have done for the school and its students.

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