Barlow’s Speech and Debate Continues Their Successful Season

Sam Barlow Speech and Debate Team at State
Sam Barlow Speech and Debate Team at State
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The 2023-2024 Sam Barlow Speech and Debate Team has had a very successful season and continues to shine brightly upon the stage as they get ready for nationals.

In addition to these large competitions including State and Nationals, high school speech and debate teams also compete in league and conference competitions with schools near them. Although these competitions may seem small they are great practice and the best team gets to take more people to state.

There are many other speech and debate competitions that are not included in conference debates and can be for any high school that wants to join such as The University of Oregon Tournament and Barlow hosts their own competition entitled the “Sam Barlow Frenzy” where any school can sign up and compete.

      This year over 20 Barlow students were able to compete in the Osaa 6A Speech and Debate State Championships from April 18-20 . Many people think speech and debate is just two people arguing however it is so much more than that. There are a limitless number of categories and there is always something for everyone for example the category Dramatic Interpretation can be about anything.


  • Ash Evans – Public Forum Debate, Prose Interpretation
  • Dima Ismael – Informative, Oratory
  • Elaina Oommen – Public Forum Debate, Informative, Radio Commentary
  • Remi O’Neill – Radio Commentary
  • Keely Rezvani – Policy Debate, Informative, Oratory
  • Dustin Sadiq – Radio Commentary
  • Alex Aviles – Student Congress
  • Avery Coats – Duo Interpretation
  • Zach Colson Public Forum Debate
  • Caleb Frederick – Parli Debate, Impromptu
  • Aiden Gardiner – Extemporaneous
  • Maddy Green – Humorous Interpretation
  • Dylan Harris – Parli Debate
  • Haya Ismael – Dramatic Interpretation
  • Aiden Larson – Parli Debate, Extemporaneous, Poetry Interpretation
  • Bryson Lindley – Policy Debate
  • Ion McKnight – Public Forum Debate
  • Kamryn Michaelsen – Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation
  • Alec Moffitt – Duo Interpretation
  • Emma Sadiq – Duo Interpretation
  • Brodey Seibel – Student Congress 
  • ColinTillson – Parli Debate

They earned 6th place overall at state for 6A schools with these following students earning awards.

  • Dima Ismael – Finalist in Original Oratory
  • Ash Evans and Elaina Oommen – Semi-finalists in Public Forum Debate
  • Keely Rezvani and Bryson Lindley – Semi-finalists in Policy Debate
  • Kamryn Michaelsen – Semi-finalist in Humorous Interpretation
  • Dima Ismael – Semi-finalist in Informative Speaking
  • Keely Rezvani – Semi-finalist in Informative Speaking
  • Keely Rezvani – Semi-finalist in Original Oratory
  • Ash Evans – Semi-finalist in Prose Interpretation
  • Aiden Larson – Semi-finalist in Poetry Interpretation
  • Remington O’Neill – Semi-finalist in Radio Commentary
  • Dustin Sadiq – Semi-finalist in Radio Commentary

Barlow’s Speech and Debate Team also competed in the North Oregon NSDA District Champions which qualified several students to compete at Nationals on March 22-23. The following students get to represent Sam Barlow at Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa from June 15th to 22th.

  • Aiden Gardiner – Lincoln – Douglas Deb
  • Ash Evans and Elaina Oommen – Public Forum Debate
  • Dima Ismael – Original Orato
  • Keely Rezvani – Original
  • Alex Aviles, Aiden Larson, Caleb Frederick, Colin Tilson, and Dylan Harris – Worlds

Barlow’s Speech and Debate team has had a very successful season, while it is not over yet with Nationals on the way, it is coming to a close. Although everyone may not want to join speech and debate, Senior Elaina Oomman said “There is a great community for everyone and I’ve loved being a part of it for the past 4 years.” Speech and debate can provide you with so many skills such as public speaking and learning how to think on your feet. Make sure to check out speech and debate next year at the interest meeting in September.

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