Barlow Theatre Is Getting Angry

Sam Barlow’s Production of 12 Angry Men Cast and Crew after closing night
Sam Barlow’s Production of 12 Angry Men Cast and Crew after closing night
Audrey Theis

Barlow has taken a shift recently with their latest theater production. In the past two years, Sam Barlow theater has done comedy or kid friendly shows such as Peter and the Starcatcher. The play Twelve Angry Men, a play by Reginald Rose that was published in 1954, takes place in a courtroom and follows the lives of twelve jurors during a murder case. All of the jurors at first think that the defendant is guilty however one juror had a feeling that the defendant might not be guilty.

This dramatic play makes you question your morals, enlighten your thoughts, and think critically while following the jurors’ thought processes as they reach a decision. 

Director Jeffery Scroeder said, “I chose this show because it’s very different from what we have done before and I knew we had people that could play these roles.” The cast contains eight seniors, one junior and three sophomores.

After her final show, Senior Christina Chung had time to reflect on her time in high school and being in theater all four years and said, “The best experiences in life are those you don’t expect. I learned so much and I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime.”

Senior Anthony Felipe who has previously portrayed Tinman in the fall production The Wizard of Oz  has loved being a part of Twelve Angry Men because it was his first time playing a Latino in theater.

The cast includes:

Callie Evans as Juror One

Christina Chung as Juror Two

Jack Kohler as Juror Three 

Johnanthan Matheney as Juror Four

Izzy O’Brien as Juror Five

Mason Ally as Juror Six

Spencer Neighorn as Juror Seven

Bella Gilmour as Juror Eight

Grant Cynor-Ford as Juror Nine

Kylise Trevino as Juror Ten

Anthony Felipe as Juror Eleven

Nico Spillett as Juror Twelve

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